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    15 Hilarious TV Shows To Watch When "The Office" Leaves Netflix In 2020

    Because laughter is the best way to fill the void!

    1. Schitt's Creek


    What it's about: When The Rose Family suddenly loses all of their money, they're forced to relocate and build a new life in a town they bought as a joke in the '90s called Schitt's Creek.

    2. The Good Place


    What it's about: In this iconic comedy, Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and their gang constantly find themselves defining what it actually means to be "good" and "bad" after they've died.

    3. Sex Education


    What it's about: In this coming of age show, a high school boy starts exploring his own sexuality after being raised by his sex therapist mother his whole life.

    4. Arrested Development


    What it's about: When his father gets arrested in the pilot, Michael Bluth is then responsible for taking care of his bizarre family and bringing them back down to earth.

    5. Big Mouth


    What it's about: Nick, Andrew, and their fellow pre-teen friends awkwardly and hilariously explore the realities of sex and puberty.

    6. New Girl


    What it's about: Quirky gal Jess Day moves in with three dudes in an apartment and befriends them as they all explore typical twentysomething experiences.

    7. Portlandia


    What it's about: Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein star in an eccentric, sketch comedy show set in Portland, Oregon.

    8. That '70s Show


    What it's about: This legendary show is about Eric Forman and his gang trying to have fun and define themselves in a small town in Wisconsin in the 1970s.

    9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


    What it's about: Charming and naïve Kimmy Schmidt is finally released from a bunker she's been trapped in for 15 years and learns how to be an adult in New York City.

    10. I Think You Should Leave


    What it's about: In this hilarious sketch how, Tim Robinson pushes boundaries and does everything in his power to force people to leave.

    11. Bojack Horseman


    What it's about: A washed up actor from the '90s, who is also a horse, tries to revive his career while navigating through some internal struggles in Hollywood.

    12. Netflix Presents: the Characters


    What it's about: Eight different comedians get the freedom to perform whatever kind of sketch they want in a 30 minute timespan. Lots of laughs, lots of fun!

    13. Derry Girls

    Channel 4

    What it's about: A bunch of Catholic School girls navigate their way through high school in the 1990s and get themselves caught in crazy situations.

    14. The End of the F***ing World

    Channel 4/Netflix

    What it's about: This dark comedy centers around two moody teenagers who eventually become best friends and go on many insane adventures together.

    15. And Imposters


    What it's about: This short lived comedy follows a woman who tricks people into marrying her and then stealing everything they've got.