American working in Korea. Married to a Scotsman. Traveling. Jumping out of planes. Diving under oceans. Collecting passport stamps. I'm into all of it.
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  • Comrade

    Comrade is both an awesome, friendly, playful, cuddly kitten and an alarm clock. While she doesn’t mew, she will ensure you are up on time for her breakfast through a specific series of events. First is the loud purr, which she activates close to your head. If this doesn’t work, it’s clearly because your face hasn’t been properly cleaned. Comrade will take the initiative of beginning to groom your face. Now, if you are still not up, she will begin her alternative, somewhat passive aggressive, wake up methods. These include clearing of your nightstand of every item, one by one, and checking to see if the sound of things falling wakes you up. She also offers this service for ladies by clearing an earring rack of all earrings, one at a time. Dedication.

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