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Why Women Empowerment Matters

The future is indeed female. Women are feeling empowered to start their own businesses and finally go after what they want. In the past two decades, women businesses owners increased from 5 percent to 38 percent, according to an article on Forbes. Employment from women-owned businesses has also increased while employment from men businesses has decreased. Women are still trying to rise and be at the same playing field as men. An empowered woman, especially one supported by her fellow females can feel like she can take over the world. Times are changing and women now feel more empowered to create careers that will satisfy their souls, not just create an income, taking advantage that now they have the freedom to go after what they want. Emma Featherstone published in an article in The Guardian on that states that factors such as cultural biases and discrimination against women in leadership roles have discouraged women from becoming entrepreneurs. Society has given women little control over their careers, bodies and important decisions that have an impact on their daily lives. Slowly, women are trying to take control of their own destinies. With so much more women owning businesses, women empowerment matters, especially women supporting other women. Ladies get a bad rap for bashing other women instead of supporting them, however, society’s treatment of women can only change when other women demonstrate how to treat other women. Fortunately, these days, that attitude is all but eradicated, as women are open to supporting other women, as they are familiar with the struggles they must go through. A Los Angeles-based empowerment photography, Brio Five, mission is to inspire women to be the best in their life and career. When women support other women they are more likely to be successful as they feel supported by their fellow women and they feel that they are working together instead of working against each other. Empowering women to go after what they want is also beneficial to the economy. Women entrepreneurs are an untapped job source. Forbes states that employment by women-owned business has increased 18% since the recession. More jobs in a world where many people are struggling to find one are excellent. In contrast, employment in men-owned business has actually decreased. In 2016, there were many campaigns to encourage support for women businesses, for example, Forbes reported that Dell’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Elizabeth Gore, launched #whatWEneedtosucceed — which asked the President and Congress to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses and it received much attention from the media and social media. An empowered woman will want to be her best self and demonstrate it to the world. Many young girls do not aspire to be CEOs or business owners because there are not enough role models for them to look up to. An empowered girl boss could go beyond and serve as inspiration for another women entrepreneurs as well as they can see that they could accomplish for themselves and also learn from their wisdom.

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