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Sep 2013
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    michelleannehasg commented on What's Something Everyone Should Know Before Getting Their First Tattoo?

    It will HURT! And some spots will hurt more than others. When I was getting my back tattoo, anytime my artist went near my spine, it shot a beam of pain throughout my body. And, I have a high tolerance for pain! But it was worth it and I truly love all my tattoos

    1 year ago

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    michelleannehasg commented on Tell Us What People Would Never Guess About Having An Interracial Family

    I'm bi-racial and when I was little and with my white dad, women would accuse him of kidnapping me- even though I was calling him Daddy! Flash forward to people freaking out when I was nursing my very pale baby in public. I was told it wasn't right for me to nurse my employer's child!… 

    2 years ago

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    michelleannehasg commented on We Tried On Victoria's Secret Bathing Suits And This Is What Happened

    These ladies look amazing! I was thinking, "I want to look that good in my swimsuit. "It just goes to show -we are all so self critical. I prefer their shots to the VS models anyday!

    6 years ago

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