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    • Michelle1721

      When I was in elementary school, I shared a room with my little sister (five years younger). She never cleaned her side of the room, so my friends and I drew pictures of monsters and put them under her bed, and I told her they were the monsters that came when her side of the room was messy, and if she didn’t clean up they’d eat her. She was terrified and couldn’t sleep for days, but the room was clean. Eventually she found out I was just messing with her. She got me back by breaking an egg under my bed and my parents didn’t believe me when I said that’s why the room smelled, so I had a rotten egg under my bed for a couple of months.
      And this wasn’t me, but my little brother used to wet the bed, so my older brother would pee on the side of his bed to make him think he wet it when he didn’t.
      We were a handful.

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