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    Zac Efron Busting His Grandpa Out From The Retirement Home Might Be The Cutest Thing You See Today

    The mission is a go.

    There's nothing that can get between Zac Efron and his grandpa.

    Zac Efron on the red carpet
    Matt Crossick - Pa Images / PA Images via Getty Images

    Zac recently gave fans an inside look as he and his brother Dylan busted their grandpa out from a retirement home to the tune of the Mission Impossible theme song. He captioned his IG post: "We’re coming Grandpa! @dylanefron"

    Zac can be seen slyly sneaking in through the lobby, doing a somersault, and snagging an employee badge to get through the locked doors.

    @zacefron / Via

    He finally reaches his grandpa's room, and they are off for a day of adventures as he successfully wheels him out of the retirement home.

    @zacefron / Via

    So what was the goal of the covert mission? It was all in the name of watching the Euro Cup while enjoying an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola, of course.

    @zacefron / Via

    At the end of the clip, Zac reveals that "my grandpa is better at acting than I am." Still looks like a successful family day in my book!

    Zac Efron and Dylan Efron in an IG video
    @zacefron / Via

    It just goes to show that Zac truly is a gem and he'd go to great lengths to get some quality time with his family.

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