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    20 Reactions To The Latest Season Of "You" That'll Make You Laugh Way Too Hard

    The killer couple is back at it again.

    If you've been obsessed with You's tumultuous twists and turns, then you're in luck, because Season 3 is officially here.

    Joe and Love in You Season 3
    John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Joe and Love's deadly saga has continued as the murderous duo makes the move to Madre Linda with their newborn son, Henry.

    Joe in You Season 3
    John P. Fleenor / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Because there's no shortage of crazy moments for fans to unpack in each episode, it comes as no surprise that some pretty hilarious fan reactions have surfaced.

    Netflix / Via

    We've rounded up the funniest posts to You's latest season so far. Check them out below:

    🚨WARNING: Spoilers ahead!🚨


    joe trying to decide whether to become obsessed w another girl or not #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @hous1ebaby


    Plans out his murders, Just do has a cover story, & it 🤣 is able to fully backtrack & cover everything up #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Netflix / Twitter: @sp0ileral3rttt


    Someone : Hi ! Joe : Are u flirting with me ?! #YOUSEASON3

    Netflix / Twitter: @mil0use


    Basically Joe and Love all season 3 #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @Rauuuul__


    Love the whole season!! #YOUSEASON3 #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @DntMakeAScene


    Me When Love started screaming she killed Natalie. #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3

    Twitter: @Husseinattt


    Love Quinn after any inconvenience #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @Tasneemzy


    Joe and Love’s therapist reading that article at the end of the season #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Twitter: @kristiannoelle


    #YouS3 “I watched You Season 3 for the plot.” The plot:

    Netflix / Twitter: @__nutbag__


    the therapist changing professions after finding out what happened to love and joe #YOUSEASON3

    Twitter: @detectivejancys


    Every time Joe tries his best to be on the straight and narrow Love: #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Twitter: @blkgirlvents


    Joe finding out that he’s not actually invisible when he’s stalking people and wearing his hat #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3

    Twitter: @Holliaietan


    Joe and Henry in the first episode. #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    FOX / Twitter: @_AndresO


    Basically this was Love Quinn and Joe the whole season 3. #YouNetflix

    Nickelodeon /  Twitter: @Dripandmotii


    What everyone else sees vs what Joe Goldberg sees #YOUSEASON3

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Twitter: @Dkoovarjee


    The therapist when she finds out what happened to joe and love #YOUSEASON3

    Twitter: @internationalwt


    joe: *picks up the baby* the baby: #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @loneamorphous


    YOU ending without context #YouNetflix #YouS3

    Netflix / Twitter: @FallinAllxInLM


    #YouNetflix #YouS3 #YouSeason3 Therapist: “you are many things, but you are NOT murderers.” Joe and Love:

    Twitter: @giselleb1234


    Me watching the beginning of You season 3 vs me watching the ending. #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @prabashanaz

    What are your thoughts on the latest season of You? Let us know in the comments!

    Netflix / Via