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Share Your Worst Bikini Wax Horror Story Of All Time

We've all been there before.

Let's be real, shaving sucks and honestly takes up so much damn time. So, what's the next best solution? Getting waxed, duh.

But waxing can be awkward and painful, especially when you have it done ~down there.~

Maybe you were getting ready for a hot date, but your waxer ended up being your sworn enemy from high school.

Or perhaps you passed some awful gas while your legs were over your head, causing the waxer to nearly throw up all over the table.

You may have even started your period unexpectedly in what might be the most embarrassing position of all time.

Whether you attempted the bikini wax yourself or got it professionally done, we want to hear about your worst experience.

Tell us your bikini wax horror story in the DropBox below. We will feature the best responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!