If You're A Fan Of "Westworld," Here's What The Cast Looked Like Then Vs. Now

    Lots of familiar faces on this all-star cast.

    The cast of Westworld is officially back for an all-new season.

    Luke Hemsworth, Jeffrey Wright, Aaron Paul, Angela Sarafyan, Tessa Thompson, Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden on the red carpet

    Before you dive into the latest episodes, let's rewind and see how your favorite characters made a name for themselves before starring on the HBO series. Take a look:

    To start, while fans may know Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy, she is going to play Christina this season.

    Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld

    But you might remember her for portraying the rebellious Tracy Freeland in Thirteen.

    Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen

    Aaron Paul plays Caleb Nichols.

    Aaron Paul in Westworld

    But one of the roles he's best known for is Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.

    Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad

    Thandiwe Newton plays Maeve Millay.

    Thandiwe Newton

    Before she landed her Westworld role, she played Nyah Hall in Mission: Impossible II.

    Thandiwe Newton in Mission: Impossible II

    James Marsden plays Teddy Flood.

    James Marsden

    And years ago he played Allie's former love interest Lon Hammon in The Notebook.

    James Marsden in The Notebook

    Jeffrey Wright plays Bernard Lowe.

    Jeffrey Wright in Westworld

    Previously he played Mr. Dury in 2006's Lady in the Water.

    Jeffrey Wright in Lady in the Water

    Tessa Thompson plays Charlotte Hale.

    Tessa Thompson in Westworld

    Prior to joining Westworld, she appeared as Jackie Cook in the TV series Veronica Mars.

    Tessa Thompson in Veronica Mars

    Ed Harris plays the Man in Black.

    Ed Harris in Westworld

    But long ago he brought the character of Gene Kranz to life in Apollo 13.

    Ed Harris in Apollo 13

    Angela Sarafyan plays Clementine Pennyfeather.

    Angela Sarafyan in Westworld

    But in 2012 she had a role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

    Angela Sarafyan in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    Ariana DeBose plays Maya.

    Ariana DeBose in Westworld

    Before that she played Alyssa Green in The Prom.

    Jo Ellen Pellman and Ariana DeBose in The Prom

    Finally, Luke Hemsworth plays Ashley Stubbs.

    Luke Hemsworth in Westworld

    And this is what he looked like when he initially joined the Westworld cast in 2016.

    Luke Hemsworth

    Who's your favorite Westworld character? Tell me your pick in the comments!