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    21 Things That Secretly Annoy Tattoo Artists

    My tattoo costs HOW much?!

    1. When you complain about the estimated price of your tattoo:


    2. And when you try to bargain for a cheaper price:


    3. When you ask your tattoo artist to copy another tattoo artist's work:

    Paramount Pictures

    4. When you try to convince your tattoo artist you're 18 even though you're clearly underage:


    5. When you walk in and just expect your artist to choose a design for you:


    6. Or when you're super ambiguous about the design you want but then hate what your artist sketches for you:

    Yakobchukolena / Getty Images

    7. When you request major last-minute changes to your design even though your tattoo artist has already started:

    Murat Deniz / Getty Images

    8. When you attempt to get tatted even though you're intoxicated:

    Universal Pictures

    9. When you question why you need to make a deposit prior to your appointment:


    10. When you bring your entire squad with you and they hover over the tattoo artist:

    Universal Pictures

    11. When you keep asking how much it's going to hurt:

    Sumnersgraphicsinc / Getty Images

    12. When you ask your tattoo artist to pause every five minutes so you can take a smoke or bathroom break:


    13. When you ask how much longer your tattoo will take:

    Dimid_86 / Getty Images

    14. When you expect to get a full sleeve in a single session even though that rarely happens:

    Mr_prof / Getty Images

    15. When you attempt to tell your artist how they should do their job:

    Mr_prof / Getty Images

    16. When you decide to cancel your appointment at the last second:

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    17. Or when you show up for your appointment but you're an hour late:

    New Line Cinema

    18. Or when you keep rescheduling your appointment again and again:

    Stillfx / Getty Images

    19. When you won't stop fidgeting during your appointment:

    Belyjmishka / Getty Images

    20. When you choose not to follow the rules for aftercare and expect your artist to fix it:

    Paramount Pictures

    21. And finally, when you don't tip your artist because you think you don't have to:

    Chabybucko / Getty Images

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