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    23 Ways You're Secretly Annoying Retail Workers

    Can you not?

    1. When you try to take more than the allowed number of items into a fitting room:


    2. And when you leave clothes in the fitting room instead of returning them to the attendant:

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    3. When you ask if someone works there, even though they're clearly wearing a name tag:


    4. When you try to bargain for extra discounts at the cash register:


    5. And when you play dumb and try to use a coupon that expired a month ago:


    6. When you try to get your money back even though it's way past the return date:

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    7. When you come in five minutes before close:


    8. And when you continue shopping after the store closes for the night:

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    9. When you mess up clothing displays that were just folded:


    10. When you interrupt a sales associates who's in the middle of helping another customer:

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    11. When you try to cut ahead of other customers in line:


    12. When you ask how much something is, even though it's clearly marked:


    13. When you're on the phone and talking to an associate at the same damn time:


    14. And when you demand to see a manager the second something doesn't go your way:


    15. When you try to wander into an area clearly marked for "employees only":


    16. When you bring food and drinks into the store:


    17. When you leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot:

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    18. When you ask an associate to look in the "back" for your specific size or color:


    19. When you let kids run wild and unsupervised in the store:


    20. When you're almost checked out and go back at the last minute for ~just one more thing~:


    21. When you attempt to pay with sweaty cash you just pulled out of your bra:


    22. And when you try to pay for a small purchase with huge bills:

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    23. And finally, when you joke that something "must be free" because it doesn't scan or have a price tag: