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    37 Simple Ways To Score The Best Deals Whenever You're Shopping For Anything

    Your wallet is about to thank you.

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    If you're an avid shopper, you know snagging a deal always makes your trip even better. Whether you're filling your fridge with groceries or updating your closet, there are deals for pretty much everything.

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    Ready to save some serious cash? We've rounded up some tips that will leave your wallet filled with some extra money. Check them out below:

    1. To start, sign up for emails or texts from your favorite brands to snag exclusive discount codes and offers.

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    2. Don't want to pay for shipping? Opt for in-store pickup instead if there's a location near you.

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    3. Use sites like Groupon or LivingSocial to score deals on items you want or things you're interested in doing.

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    You can also use these sites to save big on everyday errands like oil changes, car washes, eye exams, and more.

    4. Shop at stores like Best Buy or Target that honor price matching. This way, you can get the best prices on multiple items without having to go to a bunch of different stores.

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    5. When you're shopping online, leave items in your cart for a day or two. Why? Many retailers will email discount codes to encourage you to check out, so you can apply some savings to your final total.

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    6. Plan your big hauls around major events like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale.

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    7. And stock up on all those gadgets you've been eyeing during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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    8. Plan to shop around big holidays like Memorial Day or 4th of July to take advantage of mega-sale events.

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    9. Always check out the clearance rack for deeper discounts.

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    10. Shop during the offseason for the best deals on items like swimsuits or jackets.

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    11. Go to the thrift store or vintage shop to find sweet deals on unique clothing, shoes, and bags.

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    Or shop for used clothing online at sites like Poshmark and thredUP.

    12. Check out sites like RetailMeNot to find discount codes to use before you place your order.

    Useful tip o' the day: Install the @RetailMeNot extension in your browser. Just saved $50 off a $150 clothing order with a click--happy happy me. :)

    Twitter: @ktwopines

    13. You can also sign up for the Drop app to earn redeemable points on every purchase you make with selected brands, from travel to food.

    14. Planning a vacay? Use resources like Google Flights or Hopper to track prices for airfare.

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    You can set custom alerts to ensure you're snagging the best deal — no matter where you're headed.

    15. Book your flight at least a month in advance to score the best price.

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    Pro tip: Don't book so far in advance that you're paying full price, and don't wait until your departure date is less than a month out. Check out even more tips for budget-friendly air travel.

    16. Want to save extra on airfare? Midweek flights on Tuesday or Wednesday tend to be the cheapest days to fly. Saturday can be another budget-friendly day as well.

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    17. Cut down on baggage fees when you fly with Southwest. They offer two free bags, which can be pretty rare for air travel. Plus, they have no change or cancellation fees — a win-win in my book!

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    18. Book your stay through third-party sites like or Travelocity since they often have a variety of relatively inexpensive rooms, which means you have even more money to enjoy your trip.

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    19. Sign up for your loyalty programs at your favorite retailers to get exclusive discounts or earn money back on your purchase.

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    20. When you can, buy items like toilet paper, drinks, or cleaning supplies in bulk to avoid extra trips to the store and save money over time.

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    21. Activate Google Alerts to find out when prices drop on any items you've been wanting.

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    22. Snag a deal on gift cards at places like Costco to make the most of your buck. They normally have extra money compared to the actual price you pay.

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    For example, you can score a $100 gift card for prices as low as $69.99. Extra cash? Yes, please!

    23. Shopping for a car? Get pre-approved on a loan so that you can focus on negotiating the final price before signing any contracts.

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    24. Clear any cookies from your cache when shopping online to ensure you're getting the best price on your item. You can also flip into incognito mode for a similar experience.

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    Sometimes prices can fluctuate and be more expensive if you've previously searched for a particular item. Clearing your cookies or going incognito should make it so you'll see prices as if you were looking for the first time.

    25. Use the Honey browser extension to ensure you're finding the best price and promo codes at any given time while you're shopping online.

    Today's To-Do List: ✍ Shop ✍ Save ✍ Repeat

    Twitter: @honey

    26. Don't jump the gun on a purchase, no matter if it's big or small. Compare prices by shopping around, and go from there.

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    27. Signed up for AAA or Costco? Take advantage of any membership discounts you have access to, including travel offers, movie tickets, and more.

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    28. If you can, use a rewards credit card rather than cash or debit when shopping so that you earn miles or cash back on your purchases.

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    But try to pay your balance in full every month so you don't get stuck paying interest and fees that can essentially cancel out how much you saved.

    29. Shop at any particular retail store on the regular? Consider signing up for a store credit to enjoy perks that can come with it, like extra savings.

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    Be mindful of paying off your balance on these cards as well, since they often carry high interest rates. If you can pay your balance in full each month, then you won't have to sweat losing your savings to interest and fees.

    30. Keep an eye out for any in-store promotions or sales like BOGO items or extra percentages off.

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    31. Consider purchasing a used or refurbished model when buying cars, electronics, or other big-ticket items.

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    Just don't forget to do your research beforehand (like checking a vehicle's Carfax report to see if it has been in any accidents) to make sure you're getting the quality you need.

    32. Enjoy the free trials on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu before committing to a subscription.

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    33. Sign up for Rakuten to earn money back on your purchases.

    Things you didn’t know you can earn Cash Back on: - Wine - Tax prep - Streaming services - Wine

    Twitter: @Rakuten

    34. Opt in for memberships like Amazon Prime to cut down on shipping costs.

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    35. Shop store-brand food or drink items for additional savings.

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    And if you want even more ways to lower your bill, check out these grocery shopping hacks that people swear by.

    36. Stack promo codes with sales when and if you can.

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    37. Finally, create another email address dedicated to coupons so that you don't flood your regular inbox with deals.

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    What's your go-to tip for snagging the best deals? Share your shopping secrets in the comments below!

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