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    16 Common Mistakes Tourists Make In San Francisco

    Tips you ~hella~ need to know.

    1. Tourists often drive into the city instead of taking Muni or BART.

    2. Or they hop onto the famous cable cars at one of the most crowded stops.

    3. They visit in August and expect it to feel like summer.

    4. They forget to pack a comfy pair of shoes.

    5. Many tourists visit Ocean Beach expecting a typical beach day.

    6. They think it's simple to snag a last-minute ticket to Alcatraz Island.

    7. Or they spend all their time at Fisherman's Wharf or Pier 39.

    8. They visit the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood expecting the iconic "Summer of Love."

    9. Or they drive across the Golden Gate Bridge instead of walking across it.

    10. All or most of their shopping is done at Union Square.

    11. They expect to snag a table at one of the city's hottest restaurants by just walking in.

    12. Or they end up paying too much for meals in general.

    13. They only indulge in chocolate at Ghirardelli Square.

    14. Driving down Lombard Street is at the top of their list.

    15. They don't check out the free activities or events throughout the city.

    16. Finally, they refer to the city as "Frisco" or "San Fran."

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