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    23 Reactions To Netflix's "Thunder Force" That Had Me Weeping With Laughter

    Because we all needed Jason Bateman's crab hands.

    If you're in dire need of a good laugh, you'll want to hit play on Netflix's Thunder Force. The new comedy features a stacked cast including Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, Jason Bateman, and Bobby Cannavale.

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    It debuted on April 9 and instantly climbed to Netflix's top 10 most watched list. Fans couldn't resist the silly superhero antics or Jason Bateman rocking those ridiculous crab hands.

    We've rounded up all of the best fan reactions to Thunder Force that'll convince you to tune in immediately. Check them out below:


    #ThunderForce was fun, but Jason Bateman as the Crab Man made the movie. 🤣🤣🤣

    Netflix / Twitter: @JediSlasher


    Twitter: @HugoV_II


    #ThunderForce was so hilarious and such a fun watch. Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy are such an iconic duo!

    Netflix / Twitter: @RTWeirdie


    Jason Bateman never gives a fuck about the assignment... he just plays the same person and I LOVE it 🤣 his chemistry with Melissa McCarthy in #ThunderForce is hilarious!

    Netflix / Twitter: @TheRiver_Oshun


    Sending love to @octaviaspencer my new favorite superhero. #ThunderForce

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Twitter: @ChrisEvans_USA


    Jason Bateman scuttling across the screen has made the world right again #ThunderForce #thecrab

    Netflix / Twitter: @mistywatsonMD


    Get you a grandmother as supportive as Grandma Norma. She’s a riot. 😂 #Thunderforce

    Netflix / Twitter: @strongblacklead


    Every time I see a picture from Thunder Force, I think of Degree Deodorant.

    Netflix / Twitter: @JoeyMoser83


    Jason Bateman (one of my favourite actors of all time), as a half man half crab in Thunder Force on @netflix, is fucking genius.

    Twitter: @fayetimby


    Is #ThunderForce on netflix a good movie? Not exactly. Is it my new favorite movie? Absolutely. Sit back and enjoy.

    Netflix / Twitter: @Melethonomia


    Watching #ThunderForce and the track suits looked...familiar 😂

    Netflix / Twitter: @Cosplayaway


    Netflix / Twitter: @softmccarthy


    “I’m just buttering your knuckle” 😳 #ThunderForce

    Netflix / Twitter: @Fiddies2


    #ThunderForce is not a good movie. It's not. But goddammit, I laughed hard more than a few times. Jason Bateman will always be hilarious. It's why I have a hard time taking him seriously in Ozark 😂 C+ movie for me. And that's because it got me to laugh, which is its goal

    Twitter: @Th3birdman15


    OMG this dance scene is killing me, the crimped hair, the mullet, the crab arms 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #ThunderForce

    Twitter: @Fiddies2


    Just watched #ThunderForce , and it was fun! It was a good silly parody of superhero movies, and it was SO GREAT to see two fat, middle-aged women with superpowers kicking ass. More fat superheroes, please.

    Netflix / Twitter: @TutusNTinyHats


    Seeing @batemanjason do the Zoidberg in #ThunderForce just made my night. If he’d only gone, “Whoop whoop whoop!” as he did it, it would have made my week. 🦀😃

    Twitter: @BrianJCano


    Twitter: @softmccarthy


    You watched Thunder Force on @netflix and thought the same thing right?

    Netflix / Twitter: @IDstewardship


    #ThunderForce was a really fun time. I'm a huge Octavia Spencer booster and she's a great match for Melissa McCarthy's energy. Really enjoyed seeing these ladies kick bad guy butt while I ate some Chinese fast food and drank tropical cocktails.

    Netflix / Twitter: @andrewmcraedude


    i watched thunder force for this, what has my life come to

    Netflix / Twitter: @kurt1stovvn


    Y’all have to watch Thunder Force if you haven’t yet! I watched it last night and laughed the entire time🤣

    Twitter: @pinkgiantgay


    Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman's dance routine from Thunder Force demands to be seen

    Netflix / Twitter: @netflix

    Have you had a chance to stream Thunder Force? Let us know what you think in the comments below!