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    21 Things All Californians Will Understand

    ๐ŸŽถ California here we come, right back where we started from ๐ŸŽถ

    1. In-N-Out is hands down the king of fast food.

    2. Paying rent basically makes your bank account feel like it's on fire.

    3. Distinct seasons aren't really a thing.

    4. And being outdoors is a way of life.

    5. People seem to think you're constantly running into celebs every time you step outside of your front door.

    6. Summer clothes are pretty much the only essentials you need in your closet.

    7. Whenever you say you're from California, at least one person will ask if your life is exactly like The OC.

    8. Being close to so many beaches sometimes gives you the ~illusion~ you're actually on vacation even though you're not at all.

    9. And anything less than 60 degrees feels like you're in the middle of a massive blizzard.

    10. After going surfing once, people instantly assume you're a pro.

    11. Camping will forever be one of your go-to trips since Yosemite, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree are all nearby.

    12. You wished you could have been part of LC's squad on Laguna Beach or The Hills.

    13. You know Disneyland is expensive AF, but you go anyway because it's one of the only places you can find Dole Whip in the state.

    14. You can't figure out how people get Coachella tickets every year, but you still haven't gone to the festival once.

    15. You know the distinct difference between "rad," "gnarly," and "hella."

    16. But using "Cali" is the ultimate no-no.

    17. Earthquakes are no joke, but they happen so often you barely pay them any mind.

    18. Sometimes it feels like you spend more time sitting in traffic than you do anywhere else.

    19. People treat light drizzles like they're full-on rainstorms.

    20. The Mexican food is completely out of this world.

    21. Oh, and the weed? It's absolutely ~dank.~