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    22 Things You'll Only Understand If You've Been In A Long-Term Relationship

    Cheers to many more years together.

    1. To start, you don't worry about first-date nerves anymore since you've become so comfortable around your significant other.

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    2. You don't get embarrassed when you're rocking that face mask or you have some serious bedhead hair.

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    3. You likely have an array of inside jokes only the two of you could ever understand.

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    4. Plus, having your own language is most definitely a thing you share.

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    5. You have a long list of lovey-dovey nicknames that are specially reserved for your S.O.

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    6. Morning breath isn't as gross as it once was.

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    7. Or you're not afraid if you have to poop or fart while they're around.

    Comedy Central / Via

    8. Your BFFs have created a unique couples name for you and your S.O.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Cue Brangelina and Kimye.

    9. You can often tell how your S.O. is feeling just by looking at them.

    NBC / Via

    10. Whether you're hungover or sick, they've seen you at your worst and you don't mind it at all.

    NBC / Via

    11. You're not afraid to show your true colors and shed a few tears.

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    12. Spending a night in together is much more appealing than going out sometimes.

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    13. You keep things spicy in the bedroom by experimenting with new things.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    14. You've combined your two groups of friends.

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    15. You've learned all their funny quirks and it makes you love them that much more.

    ABC / Via

    16. You've learned how to communicate better and get through any fights with ease.

    Freeform / Via

    17. You've gotten over the awkwardness of "meeting the parents" and can now spend whole weekends with them.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    18. They're your automatic plus-one when you get invited to events.

    CBC Television / Via

    19. Talking about the future and marriage aren't as scary of conversations anymore.

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    20. If you WFH together, they're absolutely your favorite coworker.

    IFC / Via

    Besides your dog or cat of course.

    21. You know the little things are as important as the big things.

    ABC / Via

    22. Finally, they're one of your best friends. You just happen to be dating them, too.

    Walt Disney Animation Studios / Via

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