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    19 People Just Got Real About The Things You Shouldn't Base Your Whole Personality On

    Because there's only one you out there.

    Have you ever met someone who loved something so much it was pretty much summed up who they were as a person?

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    Well when Reddit user u/hotelquestionmark asked, "What should you not base your whole personality on?" a bunch of brutally honest answers rolled in.

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    I've rounded up the most interesting responses to the thread. Take a look to see if you agree with what the Reddit community had to say:

    1. "Your IQ. Pure intelligence means nothing if all you do is brag about it to others and never apply it to anything."

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    2. "Any one thing. People need dimension."

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    3. "Your career [or] job. You are more than what you do to put food on the table, and if you forget that, you lose sight of a lot of important things."

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    4. "How you were in high school."

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    5. "Your astrology sign."

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    6. "Your relationship status."

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    7. "[How] attractive [or] unattractive an individual is. You're so much more than just your looks. Don't get caught up in what you see."

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    8. "Another person."

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    9. "The things you own."

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    10. "Any character, no matter how 'cool' or how 'well written' they are."

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    11. "Other people's interests. Don’t be a chameleon."

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    12. "The mistakes of your past."

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    13. "Your romantic partner."

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    14. "A brand you like."

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    15. "Being against things."

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    "It really sets your life up to be nothing but negativity from what I've seen."


    16. "A failure."

    17. "A quote. I see many reality TV contestants and social media influencers who do this."

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    18. "Being nice. I mean, you should try to be a good person, but you can't make everyone else happy, all at once, all of the time, and if you try to, you'll just make yourself miserable."

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    19. "Anything that you can phrase in the form 'I'm an X.'"

    What else belongs on this list? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.