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18 Things All College Students Feel Slightly Guilty About

*hides face*

1. When you're too poor to buy textbooks, but you somehow always have enough money to buy alcohol.

The college student buying tickets to Coachella is the same student that asks to borrow a pencil every day and doesn’t buy their textbooks for the class

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2. And when you borrow your classmate's textbook for the entire semester instead.


3. When you steal toilet paper from campus bathrooms because you don't have any left in your apartment.


4. When you try pleading for extra credit even though your professor already warned you not to.


5. When you skip class so many times that you're not sure why you're wasting money on tuition.


6. When you sneak out of class right after your professor takes attendance.


7. And when you email your professor that you're sick — but really you're just too hungover from the night before.

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8. When you let your assignments stack up a mile high because you're constantly putting them off.


9. Or when you binge-watch your favorite TV show instead of starting your paper that's due in the morning.


10. When you break the unspoken rule of not sitting in someone's unassigned "assigned" seat.

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11. When you read SparkNotes instead of the actual novel.


12. Or when you watch the movie version of a book because you're too lazy to read at all.

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13. When you had every intention of attending your 8 a.m. class but hit the snooze button one too many times.


14. And when you strategically sit in the back of the lecture hall so you can sneak in a quick nap.

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15. When you choose to only eat snacks instead of using the dining hall plan you paid for.


16. When you steal the last parking spot even though someone else was waiting for it.

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17. When you have an open-note test, but you failed to take notes all semester long.

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18. And finally, when you spend more time looking at memes than studying for finals week.

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