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Have You Seen These Mysterious "13 Reasons Why" Pop-Ups In Your Area?

It's time to investigate.

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We're only days away from the premiere of the second season of 13 Reasons Why, and everyone is wondering, "What will happen next?!"

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I recently heard of a series of pop-ups happening across the country, cluing fans in on what might be going down once 13RW hits Netflix this Friday, May 18.

Can't wait for the next season #13daystowhy

From San Francisco to New York, fans have been spotting things like these Liberty High School student lockers and posting them to Twitter and Instagram with #13DaysToWhy

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Some fans were even lucky enough to snag a Liberty High School yearbook if they could successfully solve the puzzle for the locker combination:

@rafasauruss / Via

Tony's iconic cherry-red Ford Mustang has also been spotted across the country:

@shalaco / Via

It may be coming to a town near you:

@alessiamontalva / Via

The car was filled with props like Hannah's cassette tapes, vinyl records, and a handwritten note:

Oscar was so excited to find the mustang in Burbank #13daystowhy #13ReasonsWhy

Polaroid photographs have been put up in random places like here:

And here:

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Colorful murals, like this one, have been popping up all over the place:

@ / Via

And this one:

@chris_bonfa / Via

Plus, some familiar faces like Ross Butler and Devin Druid have even stopped by the pop-ups to see what the hype is all about:

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Anne Winters, who's playing Chloe in the new season, also dropped by:

@annewinters / Via

So, what will season two actually be about?! We'll have to wait until May 18th to discover the truth.

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