17 Tweets About Netflix's "The Watcher" That'll Make You Roll With Laughter

    "This would never work on me because I don't read my mail."

    There's a new Netflix series that'll make you keep the lights on at night.

    Bobby Cannavale in The Watcher

    Inspired by the terrifying true story, The Watcher dives into the unsolved mystery where one family is plagued with unsettling letters after purchasing their dream home in New Jersey. The series stars Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, and Mia Farrow to name a few.

    Naomi Watts in The Watcher

    With a name like The Watcher, it comes as no surprise that audiences meet an array of creepy neighbors like these guys...

    Mia Farrow and Terry Kinney in The Watcher

    Along with these lurkers just casually chillin' on the lawn.

    Richard Kind and Margo Martindale in The Watcher

    Not to mention, you get plenty of comic relief thanks to Jennifer Coolidge's portrayal of Karen Calhoun.

    Jennifer Coolidge in The Watcher

    Curious what fans are saying about the show so far? Take a look at some of the most memorable tweets to date:

    🚨 Spoilers ahead 🚨


    7 episodes of people crying about being watched in The Watcher and yet not one person closes a curtain

    Twitter: @nicolescotts


    This would never work on me because I don't read my mail #thewatcher #thewatchernetflix

    Twitter: @sendmeforgetme1


    Are you telling me I just wasted 7 hours of my life to NOT find out who the watcher is??????

    Twitter: @AllyiahsFace


    These fools spend $7000 on security cameras and don’t put one over the mailbox? TheF? #TheWatcher #TheWatcherNetflix

    © Netflix / Twitter: @leahmariebrown


    The watcher seeing Netflix have made a show about them

    Sony Pictures Releasing / Twitter: @matty_mattyr


    the neighbors in 'the watcher' be like

    Cartoon Network / Twitter: @Mailie_B


    Just started The Watcher and I’m sorry but does Ryan Murphy ever take any annual leave

    Twitter: @harrisonjbrock


    ellie your family is getting creepy threatening letters and you wanna go for a fkn night swim???? #TheWatcherNetflix #thewatcher

    Twitter: @mazecherie


    Imagine screaming “who are you” at a man running away from you in a secret underground tunnel, and expecting them to stop and respond with the correct answer. #TheWatcherNetflix #TheWatcher

    Twitter: @_Kattnipp_


    I'm about to start watching The Watcher on Netflix. Haunted House genre really stresses me out but not because of the ghosts, but because these people always put all their savings into the house and then are left with nothing. As an adult - this is stressful af lol

    Twitter: @academicsheep


    Why is the wife just trynna fuck while her husbands trying to solve a string of unsolved mysteries in THEIR HOME. Girl if u don’t put on ur detective hat and help… #TheWatcher #TheWatcherNetflix

    Twitter: @xoxoLov56257946


    I’m going to need a documentary with the real people depicted on The Watcher because every neighbor is UNHINGED #TheWatcher

    Twitter: @cocokitty14


    I did not just binge watch the watcher for that ending, god fucking damn it

    Twitter: @itsallbollocks


    So we’re just gonna pretend like everyone in town including the cops aren’t working with whoever is sending those letters? #TheWatcherNetflix #TheWatcher

    Twitter: @mumblingmice


    Trying to figure out who the watcher is while watching Netflix’s The Watcher, knowing full well the actual case was never solved.

    Twitter: @jessasaurrr


    should not have started the watcher once it was dark out

    Twitter: @muglerwoman_


    So you telling me I watched 7 damn episodes on a binge for that ending And then I search for an explanation and found this was a real story and they didn’t find out who The Watcher is either CREEPY Daaaamn man #TheWatcherNetflix

    Netflix Twitter: @frozenkralicesi

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