These Fan Reactions Prove Hulu's "The Princess" Is The Fairytale We Never Knew We Needed

    Joey King kicks some SERIOUS butt.

    Joey King is kicking ass and taking names.

    Joey King in The Princess

    The Princess recently debuted on Hulu, and it radiates girl power through every single action-packed fight scene. Trust me, there are A LOT of them.

    Joey King and Veronica Ngo in The Princess

    With Le-Van Kiet in the director's seat, the film stars Joey King, Veronica Ngo and Dominic Cooper. The storyline? We meet a princess fighting her way through a tower in order to escape marrying the prince trying to steal her father's throne.

    Joey King in The Princess

    If you haven't had a chance to stream it yet, here's what everyone's had to say about the flick so far. Take a look:


    So far #ThePrincess has been 45 straight minutes of one woman kicking the asses of an army of men. And I’m here for it.

    Twitter: @emily_is_angry


    The Princess on Hulu is basically fairy tale The Raid but for girlbosses and it was exquisite

    Twitter: @Grace_Segers


    If you’ve been feeling the “rise up, rise up” girl power energy,#ThePrincess on Hulu is right on.

    Twitter: @abbydarkstar


    Watched the Princess on hulu and it was awesome action from the start till the end and it's like crank and John wick mated with rapunzel and this movie is the result

    Twitter: @Gimletkenny1


    no idea why Hulu is so silent about Le-Van Kiet’s The Princess but it’s so good. Delightfully silly, strikingly violent and an unbelievable turn from Joey King who’s essentially doing a reverse Raid and fighting her way down a tower. It rocks. Veronica Ngo rules so hard, man.

    20th Century Studios / Hulu / Twitter: @BrndnStrssng


    Just finished watching The Princess .... highly recommend. Joey King was a boss asss bitch in that movie

    Twitter: @BaddieB_gaming


    The Princess: I love it. Liking Joey King’s career turn of action star.

    Twitter: @Lyona5


    #ThePrincess So, that was really quite good. Solid execution of a simple story, doesn't out stay it's welcome, brutal fight scenes, Dominic Cooper chewing every piece of scenery he can find, and Joey King kicking some solid amount of ass.

    Twitter: @DavidFGarner


    #ThePrincess is a fun-filled action-pack romp that loosely reimagines the classic princess story with a physically demanding role from Joey King and modern day storytelling sensibilities. Just good clean fun all around. If you like a princess taking charge of her destiny story.

    20th Century Studios / Hulu / Twitter: @IamMichaelJLee


    #ThePrincess was absolutely amazing. Started strong within the first 5 minutes and never stopped until the end. I simply loved it 😍

    Twitter: @AdoringKS


    #ThePrincess is sooo good, what a fun time with great writing and directing, if you want a satisfying movie that gives you a feeling of justice, its 💯🔥☠ #GirlPower

    Twitter: @GameReaper740


    I wasn’t expecting it to be as action packed as it was. If you like a bad ass chick kicking the shit out of people like I do then I highly recommend #ThePrincess on @hulu

    Twitter: @ThePaganDude


    Saw someone comparing a new Hulu movie called THE PRINCESS to THE RAID and, well, obviously I had to investigate that claim. Not wrong!

    Twitter: @ScottWamplerBMD


    uhm guys, joey king is in a new movie called The Princess and it's giving fiona in shrek (storyline/characterization) mixed w ella enchanted (setting) but a touch more serious and with a lot more action... also she has ginger hair and yall know how i feel about that so 👀

    20th Century Studios / Hulu / Twitter: @flowerfeastnova


    #ThePrincess is the best female empowerment movie I have seen in a long time. Joey King is straight up a bad ass. She has mad skills.

    Twitter: @369_I_am


    #ThePrincess is awesome. It’s like The Raid but with a bad ass kung fu trained Disney Princess kicking ass all the way down a tower.

    Twitter: @ConanMcKegg


    Ok, now I want a sequel to #ThePrincess where she's queen and has to fight her way through another action movie! I'm up for the full trilogy!

    Twitter: @jefunk


    PLEASE go watch The Princess on Hulu. If you like watching women beat the ever loving shit out of a bunch of dudes, you will love this movie.

    Twitter: @queengorgon

    What's your honest review of The Princess? Share what you really think of the movie in the comments!