21 Posts About "The Woman In The Window" That Are As Funny As They Are True

    There was a lot to unpack here.

    If you spent this past weekend watching The Woman in the Window, it probably left an impression on you. Fans couldn't stop talking about how the story of being endlessly stuck at home was all too relatable as every twist and turn unfolded on screen.

    In just a couple of days, the new release has climbed to the top of Netflix's most-watched list and is still currently holding the number one spot.

    Still deciding if you want to tune in? We've rounded up the craziest fan reactions to the movie so far. Check the out below:


    everyone saying the woman in the window is bad and the rotten tomatoes rating is 29% actually terrified to press play

    Twitter: @gonedgirl


    You may hate Woman in the Window, but I better not see any Amy Adams slander.

    Marvel / Twitter: @fxS0ciety


    Brian Tyree Henry in THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW is me trying to guess what happens in THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

    Netflix / Twitter: @NetflixFilm


    so i just watched the woman in the window and it was pretty... bad

    Netflix / Twitter: @fraserstan1


    Woman in the Window has Amy Adams playing a character who hasn’t left her house in 10 months and it’s far too relatable after the last year

    Netflix / Twitter: @netflix


    Twitter: @hollygolightIy


    me every five minutes during THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

    Netflix / Twitter: @Most


    The third act of #TheWomanInTheWindow is so bad that I had to rewatch it because I thought I was hallucinating. Before the film gets to that point, it's pretty decent but executed in a confounding way at times as though it’s playing with too many inspirations. Amy Adams is great!

    Twitter: @mildredsfierce


    how I look watching the woman in the window on a friday afternoon working from home

    Netflix / Twitter: @TwitterMovies


    The Woman in the Window (2021)

    Twitter: @netflix


    I’m watching #TheWomanInTheWindow and it’s like watching my own evening tbqh

    Netflix / Twitter: @Tessicat


    me when i’m watching the woman in the window and they show a woman in a window

    Twitter: @nicoletinfoil


    the woman in the window is very realistic because i too would drive my self crazy over the whereabouts of julianne moore

    Twitter: @pxkerwithelIen


    Is the movie The Woman In The Window supposed to be good? I’m about half way through and can’t figure out if we should keep going here....

    Twitter: @BaileySarian


    Me watching The Woman In The Window : This movie is so good!! 😁😁 Everyone else: This movie is terrible!! 😩😩 Me: #TheWomanInTheWindow

    Twitter: @aNaMa_111


    imagining an alternate cut of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW that’s a heartwarming story about a nice woman and her cat

    Twitter: @NetflixFilm


    you either die a girl on the train or you live long enough to see yourself become the woman in the window

    Twitter: @stefabsky


    Netflix's The Woman In The Window starring Amy Adams (2021) #WomanInTheWindow

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @watchalongmen


    Amy Adams sold the hell out of The Woman in the Window. Julianne Moore too. The cinematography keeps things interesting. There's some ridiculous stuff, not every directing choice pays off and the script is generic but I was very entertained and even had fun. I don't get the hate.

    DreamWorks Pictures / Twitter: @ronaldotrancoso


    Amy Adams’s cat every time he was forced to endure her running around and screaming in Woman in the Window:

    Twitter: @shelbyboring


    the more people tell me the woman in the window is awful the more i want to watch it

    Twitter: @thethirdhan

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