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    Here's Everything We Know About "The Kissing Booth 3" Actor Taylor Zakhar Perez

    This newcomer is on the rise.

    1. To start, Taylor Zakhar Perez plays a dreamboat named Marco in the second and third installments of The Kissing Booth.

    Taylor Zakhar Perez in The Kissing Booth 2
    © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    2. He got his very first onscreen role in a 2012 episode of iCarly.

    Taylor Zakhar Perez at a GUESS event in West Hollywood, California
    Donato Sardella / Getty Images for GUESS

    3. He's also had guest spots on Young & Hungry, Scandal, and Awkward.

    Taylor Zakhar Perez on Young & Hungry

    4. The actor portrayed Noah Torres on 2017's Embeds, one of his longest-recurring TV roles to date.

    5. He's a Christmas baby and will be turning 30 in December 2021.

    6. Although he was born in Chicago, he spent his childhood in Indiana.

    7. Did you know that Taylor learned how to play guitar for his role in The Kissing Booth 2?

    8. Not to mention, he can sing and grew up performing in musical theater.

    9. Taylor initially got his start by working as a model.

    Taylor Zakhar Perez at a GUESS event in West Hollywood, California
    Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for GUESS

    10. He was previously a competitive swimmer on a nationally ranked team. He even earned a scholarship to Fordham University, but he ultimately turned it down to focus on his acting career.

    11. More than 4 million people follow him on Instagram. He often posts behind-the-scenes photos from set, breathtaking travel snapshots, and more.

    12. Taylor has a close friendship with his co-star Joey King, despite many believing they were dating at one point.

    13. He's Middle Eastern and Mexican.

    14. He loves spending time outdoors and knows how to sail.

    15. Taylor attended UCLA, where he studied Spanish, Culture and Community while minoring in TV and Film.

    16. He's a proud dog owner and has a mini schnauzer named Jack.

    17. When he's not on set, Taylor's an avid traveler and has shared an array of photos from his exciting adventures around the globe.

    18. He's absolutely team Marco when it comes to The Kissing Booth universe.

    19. Finally, he wants to continue taking on roles that "depict the Latinx community in a positive light" to help shed any existing stereotypes in Hollywood.

    Marco in The Kissing Booth 3
    © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

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