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    19 Fun Facts To Help You Get To Know "Euphoria" Actor Sydney Sweeney

    What doesn't she do?

    Say hello to Sydney Sweeney.

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    You might recognize her for her roles in Euphoria, The White Lotus, The Handmaid's Tale and Everything Sucks!

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Presley Ann / Getty Images for LACMA

    She's slowly taking over Hollywood one role at a time, and fans can't get enough of the rising star. We've rounded up some fun facts to help you get to know Sydney a bit more:

    1. To start, she was born on Sept. 12, 1997, which makes her a Virgo.

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Daniele Venturelli / Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images for Luisaviaroma

    2. When she was 12, Sydney made a five-year business plan to convince her parents to pursue her acting dreams in Hollywood.

    Sydney Sweeney in The Voyeurs
    Bertrand Calmeau / © Amazon Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "I created a five-year business plan that basically explained what could happen in my life if they let me do this, the steps I had to take, things I had to work toward," she said.

    3. In the early days of her acting career, she had guest spots on Heroes, Criminal Minds, and Grey's Anatomy.

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images

    4. She's originally a West Coast native and was born in Spokane, Washington.

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

    5. She loves a behind-the-scenes moment and often posts photos when she's on set.

    6. She's best friends IRL with her Euphoria costar Maude Apatow.

    7. If she had one piece of advice to share with others: "Be more confident in who you are."

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images for EJAF

    "Confidence is something I wish I’d had when I was younger with my self-image and my body. I wasn’t that 13-year-old skinny little girl," she said. "I had some meat on my bones, and I felt very self-conscious next to other girls."

    8. When she's approaching any new role, she does something you may not expect — writes a book on it.

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    "I have 100-page journals on each of my characters… I literally build from the hospital, from the day they’re born and the daycare that they go to," she said. "The reason we sit a certain way or we look at a person a certain way, it all comes from some memory from our past that we may not be able to put our finger on. But it’s what made us who we are today."

    9. She once dressed up as one of the twins from The Shining for Halloween.

    10. She's a doggo lover and has a four-legged friend named Tank.

    11. She has some serious skills on the slopes.

    12. And on the water, too.

    13. She knows how to fight and is trained in MMA.

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Ryan Emberley / Getty Images

    "I’m trained in mixed martial arts. I started when I was 14 and did my first competition at 18," she said. "It was a grappling competition against all guys a weight category above me, and I got first place."

    14. She majored in business to help her navigate all the ins and outs of her movie and TV contracts.

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Axelle / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    "I want to be able to read my contracts and know what the hell they say when I’m making $20 million so I’m not getting f--ked over," she said. "You will always be the number one person looking out for yourself."

    15. She's an international jet setter and shared snapshots from her travels in Italy, France, and more.

    16. She has a brother named Trent and has shared nostalgic throwback photos when they were growing up as kids.

    17. She's had a passion for cars since she was little.

    18. She has a production company called Fifty-Fifty Films where the actor focuses on getting projects off the cutting room floor with strong female leads.

    Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet
    Phillip Faraone / WireImage / Getty Images

    19. Finally, Sydney has over 3 million followers on Instagram keeping up with her daily adventures. Give her a follow: @sydney_sweeney.