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    Meet The New Cast Of The Sparrow Academy

    There's a new gang in town.

    It looks like The Umbrella Academy universe is about to get a whole lot bigger in Season 3.

    But first, let's discuss what we know about the Sparrow Academy from the show's finale.

    At the end of Season 2, the beloved Umbrella Academy returned to the present day, only to find out that things weren't exactly as they had left them. This is where we first see the Sparrow Academy.

    While we can't see their faces and we don't really know about their backstory yet, we're shown the outlines of five people and a floating cube.

    We then see a fully alive version of Ben, who, upon seeing his siblings, asks his father, "Dad, who the hell are these assholes?" The episode ends shortly after, and we are left with SO many questions.

    Meanwhile, looking at The Umbrella Academy comic books, the Sparrow Academy has appeared in several of the Hotel Oblivion series comics, where it's been implied that they, too, are some of the extraordinary children born on Oct. 1, 1989.

    With a few newcomers on the way (not to mention a cube named Christopher), the introduction of the Sparrow Academy will undoubtedly mix things up for the Hargreeves siblings.

    While we patiently wait for new episodes to hit Netflix, we've rounded up everything we know (so far) about the exciting casting news.

    Fans got their first glimpse of the Sparrow Academy when casting news was confirmed by Netflix on Monday:

    The Sparrows are coming in season 3 ☂️

    Netflix / Twitter: @netflix

    Justin Cornwell will portray No. 1, the confident leader also known as Marcus.

    Justin Cornwell posing on the red carpet

    Justin H. Min is reprising his role as Ben, except it will be a different version of the character you already know and love. He's No. 2 and more than ready to make his way to the leader spot.

    Justin H. Min as Ben in The Umbrella Academy

    Britne Oldford is taking on the role of No. 3. Better known as Fei, she has smarts and is not the one you want to cross.

    Britne Oldford posing on the red carpet

    Jake Epstein is set to portray No. 4 (aka Alphonso). His character loves pizza, beer, and fighting crime with a biting sense of humor.

    Jake Epstein posing in a black t-shirt

    Genesis Rodriguez will play No. 5, otherwise known as Sloane. Her character has dreams of seeing the world despite strong ties to her family at home.

    Genesis Rodriguez posing at SiriusXM

    Writer and actor Cazzie David is confirmed to portray No. 6 (aka Jayme), a loner who doesn't have much to say because "she doesn't have to."

    Cazzie David wearing a yellow dress on the red carpet

    One of the newcomers whom fans can't seem to stop talking about? An Existential Dread Inducing Psykronium Cube that goes by "Christopher," the seventh member of the Sparrow Academy.

    @UmbrellaAcad @netflix EXISTENTIAL DREAD INDUCING PSYKRONIUM CUBE (Newcomer) will play CHRISTOPHER, a telekinetic cube that can turn the room freezing cold and induce paralyzing fear without so much of a warning. The trustworthy, loyal oracle of the Sparrows is treated as just another sibling.

    Netflix / Via Facebook: NetflixUmbrellaAcademy

    This mysterious character is said to be trustworthy and loyal and has the power to turn a room cold or induce paralyzing fear.

    What are your thoughts on the casting news? Sound off in the comments below!