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22 Tweets About Season 4 Of "Selling Sunset" That'll Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

"Do you ever just watch Selling Sunset and think, When will someone put *me* in escrow?"

If Selling Sunset has inspired you to endlessly browse Zillow in search of your dream home, you're not the only one.

Chrishell Stause, Heather Rae Young, Emma Hernan, Mary Fitzgerald in Selling Sunset

Season 4 of the real estate reality series recently hit Netflix, and there has been no shortage of drama or an array of insane mansions we wish we could live in.

Jason Oppenheim, Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset

For the fans who simply can't get enough of the show, you're in luck because Season 5 is officially confirmed to premiere in 2022.

Selling Sunset Season 5 - Coming in 2022

Netflix / Twitter: @netflix

As we patiently wait for the next installment to debut, we've rounded up the funniest tweets that'll make every Selling Sunset fan giggle. Check them out below:


Bravo / Twitter: @jxeker


Me looking & judging these beautiful properties on #SellingSunset like I can afford any.

Twitter: @afeeyah


Selling Sunset be like “the view on this property is amazing” and it’s an infinity pool overlooking the driest mound of dirt you’ve ever seen

Twitter: @paulbIack


Twitter: @NeenaQueen20


Davina returning to the office #SellingSunset

FOX / Twitter: @spiropyran


Twitter: @morgancrawf


It’s been 4 seasons and I still can’t tell the difference between Brett and Jason #SellingSunset

Twitter: @ssamosadealerr_


Vanessa when Emma told her she was making pizza and cheeseburger empanadas #SellingSunset

Twitter: @itsmetheHBIC


Can’t wait to see how Davina tailors her dress next episode 👀🥲 #SellingSunset

Netflix / FOX / Twitter: @GabySmithTV


#SellingSunset that moment when you thought it was Heather, when in fact, it was Emma

Twitter: @misterious76


Vanessa every time she got a new piece of information #SellingSunset

CBS / Twitter: @Harlowrae


Chrishell could have been dating Simu Liu and instead she ends up with Jason #SellingSunset

Twitter: @kiramadeira


the cameraman filming Jason’s poem about how much he loves those chihuahuas #SellingSunset

Twitter: @MimiJoffroy


Jason when Simu Liu came in hugging Chrishell... #SellingSunset

Warner Bros. Pictures / Twitter: @harley_nu


Do you ever just watch Selling Sunset and think, when will someone put *me* in escrow?

Twitter: @jackremmington


Not Christine just crying all season to try to make us forget how she treated Chrishell and Mary #SellingSunset

Twitter: @sunfIowercoffee


Chrishell trying to get through one episode without mentioning how she was poor as a child #SellingSunset

Twitter: @wotgatsby


Me any time Davina speaks #SellingSunset

Twitter: @conormurrayTM


Watching Selling Sunset makes me have deranged thoughts such as "That house costs $3 million? Eh, that's not too bad."

Twitter: @alexialafata


Jason when Chrishell was talking to Simu Liu on Selling Sunset

NBC / Twitter: @caitlingilbs


It’s so rude of Selling Sunset to not have unlimited episodes for me to watch.

Twitter: @DannyPellegrino


4 seasons of Selling Sunset finished and I still have no idea what "fell out of escrow" means

Twitter: @JoePassmore

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