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Only True Fans Of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Will Score At Least 11/13 On This Quiz

🎵Let's do the time warp again 🎵

  1. To start, what year was the movie released?

  2. What actor portrays this character?

    20th Century Fox
  3. It's based on a musical stage production.

  4. Which one is Magenta?

  5. Who narrates the movie?

  6. What's the name of this character?

    20th Century Fox
  7. Where was the film shot?

  8. What actor portrayed Brad Majors?

    20th Century Fox
  9. How did Brad Majors and Janet Weiss get stranded?

  10. This was Tim Curry's first feature film.

  11. What convention is being held?

  12. Which character isn't pictured here?

    20th Century Fox
  13. Finally, what image is most associated with the film?

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