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    Here's How Old Your Favorite "Riverdale" Characters Are In Real Life

    Because you're forever young in the Riverdale universe.

    Who's ready for a milkshake at Pop's? Because Season 6 of Riverdale is only days away.

    KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart in Riverdale

    While the gang just graduated from Riverdale High, it comes as no surprise that they're actually much older than the characters they portray onscreen.

    Camila Mendes and KJ Apa in Riverdale

    If you're curious how old each of the actors are IRL, we've got you covered. Check it out below:

    To start, KJ Apa plays Archie Andrews

    KJ Apa in Riverdale

    Lili Reinhart plays Betty Cooper

    Lili Reinhart in Riverdale

    Cole Sprouse plays Jughead Jones

    Cole Sprouse in Riverdale

    Camila Mendes plays Veronica Lodge

    Camila Mendes in Riverdale

    Madelaine Petsch plays Cheryl Blossom

    Madelaine Petsch in Riverdale

    Vanessa Morgan plays Toni Topaz

    Vanessa Morgan in Riverdale

    Casey Cott plays Kevin Keller

    Casey Cott in Riverdale

    Charles Melton plays Reggie Mantle

    Charles Melton in Riverdale

    Ashleigh Murray plays Josie McCoy

    Ashleigh Murray in Riverdale

    Drew Ray Tanner plays Fangs Fogarty

    Drew Ray Tanner in Riverdale

    Tiera Skovbye plays Polly Cooper

    Tiera Skovbye in Riverdale

    Jordan Connor plays Sweet Pea

    Jordan Connor in Riverdale

    Who's your favorite Riverdale character? Let us know in the comments!