17 Hilariously Accurate Posts Every "Rick And Morty" Fan Needs In Their Life

    Rick and Morty 4ever.

    After patiently waiting a year, it's safe to say audiences are just a little excited for the return of Rick and Morty.

    Rick and Morty

    The animated series has been airing for nearly an entire decade, and the dedicated fanbase is here for it.

    Rick and Morty

    If you already started streaming Season 6 of the Adult Swim sitcom, here are the funniest posts Rick and Morty diehards will love almost as much as they do the show. Take a look:


    #RickandMorty made us wait 2 years for 5 episodes?!?! Gotta figure out a way to stretch those 5 episodes for 2 years. Maybe watch 5 minutes a day?

    Twitter: @CantGetRite80


    Alright it's almost time #RickandMorty

    Twitter: @Zack_kun69


    when the evil morty theme started #RickAndMorty

    Twitter: @kathleen_hanley


    laughing at the seeing evil first few minutes morty and of the finale about learning rick and two crows rick’s backstory #RickAndMorty

    Twitter: @kathleen_hanley


    hey dude, do you mind cleaning up the living room a little bit? my friends Rick and Morty are coming over tonight

    Twitter: @lunch_enjoyer


    men be like “you’ll never find someone like me” as if you couldn’t find an unemployed white man whose entire personality is Rick and Morty at your local vape shop

    Twitter: @abbygov


    #RickAndMorty creators think the show could go on forever "it just feels infinite ... I think a good TV show is one that lasts 1000 episodes"

    © Adult Swim / Twitter: @CultureCrave


    New Rick and Morty tonight don’t talk to me

    Twitter: @WOWGR8ForReal


    Me: “I’m excited for love island” Person who thinks they’re above love island: “I don’t know how people watch that mind numbing shite, I’d lose brain cells. I just think im a bit too intelligent. Anyway the new series of Rick and Morty is out do you get it he’s a pickle”

    Twitter: @Notrossiter


    If you are Rick and Morty fan then you know. #RickandMorty

    Twitter: @ask_aubry


    #RickAndMorty just got the green light for 70 more episodes and I feel like I just dropped an album

    Twitter: @TPAIN


    Twitter: @ChantelJeffries


    pov: you like the bad guys better #rickandmorty

    © Adult Swim / Twitter: @kreidxpriz


    Rick and Morty without context #RickandMorty

    ABC / Twitter: @Chefgoldblum21


    sorry girls but liking rick and morty isn’t a personality trait

    Twitter: @SommerRay


    Everyone rushing to Twitter to talk about Rick and Morty Season 6

    Twitter: @FrostedBlakes34


    rick and morty rick and morty rick and morty rick rick rick rick rick rick rick rick. rick and morty rick and morty rick and morty

    Twitter: @GrahamMcLernon

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