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    21 Of The Funniest Reactions To Hulu's "Pen15"

    Bring on the middle school nostalgia.

    Remember those middle school years that were awkward AF? From braces to crushes, there was no escape to these angsty teen years.

    Hulu's Pen15 is a comedic walk down memory lane as we relive the cringey moments and overall awkwardness of middle school life.

    We've rounded up the funniest and most relatable reactions to Pen15 to date. Check them out below:


    #PEN15 so it took me until season 2 to get that pen15 is penis.


    Pen15 is awkward enough to make me feel alive. #pen15


    It is embarrassing to bring up #Pen15 with my therapist


    im gonna repaint this for the fourth fucking time cuz I keep on failing and this one is no exception but I can’t stop thinking about this scene from #PEN15 salad bowls 🍊🥗


    Those seven perfect morsels that are the first half of season 2 of #PEN15 are stolen directly from both my heart and my soul.



    The subtleties in #PEN15 are incredible and I wonder if people who are under 30 even understand half the visual gags.



    My Tommy Hill shirt is loaded @pen15show #PEN15


    I’m going to start carrying a mirror just so I can do to this to Karen’s . #PEN15


    The inherent comedy of two 30-something women playing themselves as 13-yr-olds with a cast full of actual 13 yr olds #PEN15


    My heart literally broke, this scene was so relatable 😭 but Anna telling Maya that even at her lowest she’s a bright star was so kind 💕 Season 2A was good, cringey, funny but the heartwarming moments are what I love the most. Looking forward to 2B next year. #Pen15


    #pen15: let’s relive our middle school traumas! At least the music is good?


    Being in middle school as a girl during the y2k era has never been so relatable #pen15


    The amount if joy and cringe I get from watching @pen15show 😩 my entire middle school experience. I still look 12 if they’d like to cast me for season 3 😭


    I love Pen15. For me, it’s how the girls can’t buy Limited Too. I was once at a meeting as an adult, and mentioned that my parents didn’t get me Limited Too because it was pricy and a girl saying, “Why? It wasn’t even expensive?” She was the nicest girl I’ve ever hated.


    pen15 really reminds me of how awkward i was in middle school. truly humbling.


    pen15 reminding me of every guy in middle school that bullied me daily (mercilessly) until I would have breakdowns and then years later just told me they rly liked me L O L


    i love pen15 its almost the most realistic representation of middle school ive ever seen. the only thing thats missing is that one kid who goes hnyeeahhh in the middle of class and i would literally think its a documentary


    PEN15 is so funny but very precious because it is so wonderful/horrifying to remember how we FELT so much ALL THE TIME in adolescence.


    I just finished the last episode of #Pen15 and I am not ok