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    19 Of The Saddest Deaths In A TV Series That Completely Shattered Fans' Hearts

    There are some TV characters you simply can't forget.

    If you've ever felt connected to a character on your favorite show, it's often a shock when they die.

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    When Reddit user u/RIGORR_MORTIS asked, "What was the saddest death in any TV series?" a bunch of people chimed in on the thread.

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    Whether the actor passed IRL or it was their character onscreen, these TV deaths truly hit close to home. Of course, there are spoilers ahead for TV shows.

    1. "Cory Monteith. Watching Lea [Michele] perform 'Make You Feel My Love' was completely heartbreaking, along with the real reactions and grief from the [Glee] cast."

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    2. "George O’Malley in Grey’s Anatomy. I gotta mentally prepare myself to rewatch that episode."

    Grey's Anatomy
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    3. "John Ritter from 8 Simple Rules. The actor died suddenly in real life. Still gets me every time I catch a repeat of that episode."

    8 Simple Rules
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    4. "Sarah Lynn's death [in BoJack Horseman], and more importantly how BoJack processes it. [It] took BoJack from a good show to a great show. Just phenomenal writing all around."

    BoJack Horseman
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    5. "Glenn from The Walking Dead."

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    6. "The kid from Breaking Bad on the [dirt]bike."

    Breaking Bad

    7. "Coach on Cheers. Nicholas Colasanto died in between seasons, so they wrote it into the show when the fourth season came back that he was gone. The last moment of the final episode of Cheers is Ted Danson straightening the portrait of Geronimo, which hung in Nicholas's dressing room. They hung it on the set in remembrance of him."

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    8. "Marshall’s dad, Marvin, from How I Met Your Mother. I still tear up every time I watch that episode. Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan did an amazing job."

    How I Met Your Mother
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    9. "Will Gardner on The Good Wife. I was genuinely shocked, and it all felt unusually real."

    The Good Wife
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    10. "Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire."

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    11. "Carl’s death also hit me hard. It always felt like everyone else that died died for a reason, fighting hard for their life. It was jarring when Carl died from something that eventually became almost mundane to them. It was unfair. Just a regular old walker. The last episode where he knows he’s been bit and he’s just trying to make memories with Judith and enjoy his last day, I was bawling."

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    12. "Mr. Hooper, Sesame Street."

    Sesame Street
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    "That episode helped me understand death far more than my family ever did. I’ll never forget that."


    13. "Wow, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Adriana from The Sopranos. It’s one of the most heartbreaking, cruel death scenes I’ve ever seen on a TV show. Just brutal, sad, and shocking."

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    14. "Opie from Sons of Anarchy."

    Sons of Anarchy
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    "Opie's death was the hardest in the show for me to watch. I love it that after his funeral SAMCRO all have an 'in memory of Opie' patch on their cut."


    15. "Buffy's mom. 'The Body' is one of the best episodes of any TV show. The way they depicted everyone else's grief was so real."

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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    16. "Henry Blake in MASH. It's still like being punched in the gut every time I see that episode. He was going home goddamn it!"

    Henry Blake in MASH
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    17. "Bob from Stranger Things."

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    "My man Bob did not deserve that. I still get a little upset whenever someone brings it up."


    18. "Seymour the dog, Futurama."

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    19. "Any character they kill off because the actor actually dies."

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    Which TV show death made you tear up the most? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.