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    17 Reactions To "The Princess Switch: Switched Again" That Are Hilariously Accurate

    Vanessa Hudgens is taking over Christmas.

    Just in time for the holidays, Netflix has released another festive rom-com to get you in your feels. The Princess Switch: Switched Again picks things up two years after Stacy and Lady Margaret first crossed paths in Belgravia.

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    While Vanessa Hudgens initially played two leading roles in 2018's The Princess Switch, she leveled up and now plays three different characters in the film. This includes Princess Stacy De Novo Wyndham, Lady Margaret Delacourt and Lady Fiona Pembroke.

    From Hudgens stealing the show to the surprise cameo of the royal couple in A Christmas Prince, fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the new sequel. Check out the most hilarious fan reactions below:


    This girl is so good portraying 3 different characters with 3 different accents and personalities. Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #ThePrincessSwitchSwitchedAgain


    2020 finally saved by this cameo #theprincessswitch2 #ThePrincessSwitchSwitchedAgain


    I don't think Vanessa Hudgens should win an Oscar for #ThePrincessSwitchSwitchedAgain. I think she should win 3 Oscars.


    Vanessa Hudgens created a whole world where she can play THREE of the characters??????? a true stunt queen #ThePrincessSwitchSwitchedAgain


    the Princess Switch 2 is literally this meme


    me during the coronation scene of #ThePrincessSwitchSwitchedAgain


    Vanessa Hudgens when she made the princess switch 2 switched again


    I have finished #ThePrincessSwitchSwitchedAgain and I hope they make a new one every year, each time adding a new character that looks exactly like Vanessa Hudgens.


    have spent most of the evening creating new OCs from various fictional duchies and principalities for vanessa hudgens to perform as in future installments of #ThePrincessSwitch mega-franchise


    Counting the number of absurdly ornate Christmas trees in every room of The Princess Switch 2 has radicalized me


    The year is 2055. The The Princess Switch 35 has just been released. Vanessa Hudgens plays every. Single. Role.


    watching the princess switch sequel and i keep losing track of which vanessa hudgens is which


    throwing in a third Vanessa Hudgens into the Princess Switch 2 is like juggling. Two is manageable but three feels nigh impossible without immense study


    Me several drinks in watching The Princess Switch explaining to my dog how it’s physically impossible the bouquet landed in Margaret’s hands due to the angle and speed at which it was thrown with little to no air resistance.


    do we think vanessa hudgens got three paychecks for princess switch 2: switched again in which she plays the entire cast



    My Christmas wish is that every year Netflix adds another Vanessa Hudgens into the Princess Switch franchise until there are no other characters.

    What are your thoughts on The Princess Switch: Switched Again? Sound off in the comments! And be sure to check out our video with Vanessa Hudgens below:

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