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    Here Are 15 Of The Most Overrated And Underrated Cocktails According To Reddit Users Who Have Ordered Them

    Let's cheers to that.

    When it comes to happy hour, every person has their go-to beverage that they can't pass up on the menu.

    Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly

    Reddit user u/-Constantinos- asked fellow drink enthusiasts: "What is the most overrated and underrated cocktail in your opinion?"

    Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City 2

    Here are some of the most memorable overrated and underrated cocktails from the thread. Take a look to see if you agree:

    1. Overrated: Negroni


    2. Underrated: Sangria


    3. Overrated: Aperol Spritz

    Aperol spritz glasses

    4. Underrated: Daiquiri


    5. Overrated: Dry martini


    6. Underrated: Margarita


    7. Overrated: Mai Tai

    Mai tai

    8. Underrated: Three Dots and a Dash

    Dakota Johnson in How to Be Single

    9. Overrated: Manhattan

    Manhattan cocktail

    10. Underrated: Mr. Bali Hai

    Lizzy Caplan and Jake Johnson in New Girl

    11. Overrated: Moscow Mule

    Moscow mule

    12. Underrated: Army & Navy and Sidecar

    Jason Segal and Sarah Burns in I Love You, Man

    13. Overrated: Any cocktail with prosecco

    Empty glasses

    14. Underrated: Japanese slipper

    Tien Tran, Francia Raisa, Chris Lowell and Tom Ainsley in How I Met Your Father

    15. Overrated: Dirty vodka martinis

    Which underrated and overrated cocktails would you add to this list? Share your drink of choice in the comments below!