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    17 Facts You Didn't Know About "Sex Education" Actor Ncuti Gatwa

    Sex Education is only the beginning for Ncuti.

    1. To start, Ncuti Gatwa is currently starring in Netflix's Sex Education as Otis's longtime bestie, Eric Effiong.

    Ncuti Gatwa, Asa Butterfield in Sex Education

    2. Prior to landing his leading role as Eric, he was homeless and credits his close friends for helping him get through it.

    Ncuti Gatwa on the red carpet

    3. When Ncuti was auditioning for the Netflix role, he thought he had blown it because he was so nervous. It turns out those gut feelings were wrong because he ultimately got the part.

    Ncuti Gatwa on the red carpet

    4. Ncuti has spoken candidly about the fact that Sex Education "deals with a lot of important issues, and the humor delivers those messages in a not shaming or preachy way."

    5. While the Netflix series is his first major recurring role onscreen, he's also appeared in The Last Letter From Your Lover, Stonemouth, and Bob Servant.

    Ncuti Gatwa, Asa Butterfield in Sex Education

    6. He was born on October 15, 1992, meaning he will celebrate his 29th birthday this year.

    Ncuti Gatwa at an event

    7. Not to mention, his Zodiac sign is Libra.

    Ncuti Gatwa on the red carpet

    8. He originally reigns from Rwanda, and later moved with his family to Scotland in order to flee the 1994 genocide.

    9. Ncuti studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he specialized in theatre.

    Ncuti Gatwa on the red carpet

    10. With his theatre background, it's no surprise that he's starred in two plays at Shakespeare's Globe in London, including The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

    11. While the actor was couch surfing with friends for five months, he worked as a temp for Harrods selling fragrances.

    Ncuti Gatwa

    12. He won a BAFTA for his performance on Sex Education in 2020.

    13. The actor shares a close friendship with his co-star and onscreen BFF, Asa Butterfield.

    Ncuti Gatwa and Asa Butterfield

    14. He's pretty active on social media and has 2.5 million followers (and counting) keeping up with his daily adventures.

    15. The newcomer recently announced that he'll appear in a docuseries called The Outsiders? in October 2021.

    16. Being in his late 20s, he's actually one of the oldest Sex Education cast members portraying a teen on the Netflix series.

    17. Finally, he hopes others are inspired by Eric's story and wants to continue to put a spotlight on diversity and inclusion in Hollywood.

    Ncuti Gatwa

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