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    19 Fans With Seriously Funny Reactions To "Jupiter's Legacy"

    There's a new set of superheroes in town.

    If you're looking for your next superhero binge, you might want to add Jupiter's Legacy to your watchlist.

    Netflix / Via

    Not only has the show climbed to the No. 1 spot on Netflix's most-watched list, it also has a cast that includes Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, and Matt Lanter.

    Netflix / Via

    Whether or not you love the show, fans can't seem to stop talking about it. We've rounded up the funniest posts about Jupiter's Legacy so far. Check them out below:


    If I ever get superpowers, I want them to be accompanied by “ethereal tinkling” #JupitersLegacy

    Netflix / Twitter: @DallasKing1138


    “I watch Jupiter’s legacy for the plot The plot:

    Netflix / Twitter: @heyitsnemo6


    the suits on here look ugly and good at the same time me thinks. #JupitersLegacy

    Twitter: @manyfandomssx


    Jack Horton from #JupitersLegacy is giving off major The WB Circa 2004 vibes

    Netflix / Twitter: @JarettSays


    Did I just watch all 8 episodes of #JupitersLegacy in one day? Yes! Do I regret it? Not at all!

    Netflix / Twitter: @TheJrodBlog


    Jupiter’s legacy kinda trash but for some reason I can’t stop watching it

    Twitter: @DevelopedMindz


    the moment he fell in love over again with Chloe 💥💥😂 make sure to stream #jupiterslegacy on @netflix!

    Netflix / Twitter: @nicedhampir


    me putting together my theories about what happened to skyfox #JupitersLegacy

    Netflix / Twitter: @NetflixGeeked


    Why I binge watch #jupiterslegacy 1%: cool production 99%:

    Netflix / Twitter: @Kikiocioussness


    The CW / Twitter: @csoy13


    Morrison reading them Jupiter's Legacy reviews:

    Twitter: @riteshwriter


    Netflix / 20th Century Fox / Twitter: @gameguygrover


    So I just finished binge watching the entirety of Jupiter’s Legacy...

    Netflix / Nickelodeon / Twitter: @EvanFilarca


    Twitter: @MicLarry02


    Saw Jupiter's Legacy trending and thought for a sec we might be getting a sequel to Jupiter Ascending and I've never been so hyped for such a short period of time.

    Twitter: @KMSzpara


    jupiters legacy is so insanely bad it feels like netflix wanted its own "boys" type show and failed miserably at it

    Twitter: @hasanthehun


    Chloe really just grabbed a bag of an unknown substance off the street...and decided to snort it?? #JupitersLegacy

    ABC / Twitter: @DaWakandaTarget


    Netflix / Twitter: @Matches12096776


    Finale of v1 #jupiterslegacy hits you like .........

    Netflix / Twitter: @waywardscots

    Have you watched Jupiter's Legacy? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! And if you liked what you read, give these creators a follow to make your timeline a more fun place to be!

    Netflix / Via

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