Just 21 Jokes For People Who Always Wear Black

    "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color."

    1. When it's the dead of summer but you still only wear black:

    2. When your seasonal wear looks like this:

    3. When your closet is just 50 shades of black:

    4. When your black top and black bottoms are two completely different shades:

    5. When the sun is out and you're melting in your outfit:

    Why would #WorldGothDay be in May when literally all the goths are walking around in the sun like

    Twitter: @cathypilk

    6. When wearing black has its perks:

    7. When you attempt to celebrate #WorldGothDay:

    8. When you try to explain why black is the superior clothing color:

    9. When you attempt to find that ~one~ black shirt you love:

    10. When you shop online and the only filter you need is to sort by color — and by color, you mean black:

    11. When you're feeling festive but none of your clothes show it:

    12. When you compare your closet to your friend's:

    13. When you've accepted that wearing black is actually a way of life:

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    14. When people think you're joking about all the black clothes you own:

    15. When spring collections don't really suit your color palette:

    16. When owning pets is a struggle:

    17. When you attempt to spice up your outfit:

    18. When others just don't understand that you literally own nothing but black attire:

    19. When you can't imagine yourself in a color other than black:

    20. When you have to have something just because it's black:

    21. And finally, when you're heartbroken over the fact that something doesn't come in your go-to shade: