19 Tweets About "Inventing Anna" That Are Way Too Funny For Their Own Good

    Who IS Anna Delvey?

    ICYMI: Inventing Anna is a wild and chaotic ride that's nearly impossible to turn your head away from.

    Inspired by the real-life scandal at the center of New York society, the Netflix series took viewers on the rollercoaster ride that is Anna Delvey's, aka Anna Sorokin's, life. Ozark's Julia Garner took on the role all the way down to Anna's signature accent.

    Inventing Anna

    The show was created and produced by Shonda Rhimes (aka the person behind Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and Bridgerton), so there was definitely no shortage of drama for audiences to unpack. Even the opening tagline delivered a punch: "This whole story is completely true, except for the parts that are totally made up."

    Inventing Anna

    So if you want to relive the crazy twists and turns of Inventing Anna one more time, here are the funniest tweets about the Netflix series to date. Take a look:


    I’m almost done with Inventing Anna and the most mind blowing thing so far is that this trial lawyer planned a vacation that close to trial

    Twitter: @allegedlyalyssa


    If patience was a picture #InventingAnna

    Netflix / Twitter: @hakarthikaa


    People saying the new Batman is so long then come home from the movies and watch 11 episodes of inventing Anna

    Twitter: @fibulaa


    the female prison officer in #InventingAnna went to euphoria high

    Netflix / Twitter: @kenitoken


    Forget Tinder Swindler, Inventing Anna is the real deal😂😂😂

    Twitter: @KomugishaOlivia


    Can you imagine if Simon Leviev and Anna Sorokin met on Tinder? The simulation would melt down. Simon: My enemies are after me. Pls send $50K. Anna: Sorry. Bank fuck-up. Sending tomorrow. #tinderswindler #InventingAnna

    Netflix / Twitter: @clutchy__


    Why not do a version of Inventing Anna where Anna Deavere Smith plays all the roles?

    Twitter: @aishasabslo


    True Life: I binged “inventing Anna” and now I can’t stop doing Anna Delvey’s weird elfin accent

    Twitter: @chescaleigh


    No wonder Vivian had a hard labour, that child is SEVERAL months old. #InventingAnna

    Netflix / Twitter: @Shawna__h


    I’m late to this but Inventing Anna is… insane?

    Twitter: @takeyourzoloft


    pointing at all the actors i recognise from the shonda rhimes cinematic universe is more than a job, it’s a passion #InventingAnna

    Sony Pictures Releasing / Twitter: @sunshinedyke


    One thing Shonda’s gonna do is make sure Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) is getting that coin #InventingAnna

    Netflix / Twitter: @calizforniadrm


    I finally finished #InventingAnna and all I have to say is that this man is the only one who wasn’t stupid and has the absolute patience of a Saint.

    Netflix / Twitter: @cjallday_7


    I don’t know if I can get passed this accent. At times it’s German, then Russian, then I hear a twang of American Southern #InventingAnna

    Amazon Prime Video / Twitter: @_sydney_chanel_


    can’t watch inventing anna because i know i’ll be on her side

    Twitter: @thatbitchlemon


    Not me, sitting here, STILL watching Inventing Anna, like a *FOOL*

    Twitter: @samsanders


    She really thought she was gonna get a 40 Million dollar loan without having to show proof of funds 😭😭😭 Everyone who thinks a 800 credit score will give em access to millions of dollars needs to watch Inventing Anna

    Twitter: @BeezSLS


    after watching Inventing Anna, i want to ask everyone if they accept wire transfers...

    Netflix / Twitter: @VoiceActorTiff


    When I started watching Inventing Anna vs. when I finally finished it:

    Comedy Central / Netflix / Twitter: @LReenstierna

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