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    22 Hotel Workers Shared The Most Annoying Things Guests Do While Visiting

    Because you don't want to be that hotel guest on your next stay.

    When it comes to traveling, staying at hotels is usually part of the deal, and they welcome guests from all walks of life.

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    If you've worked in the hospitality industry, you know that assisting guests is one of the main parts of the job, and it's more than likely that you've developed at least a pet peeve or two.

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    So when Reddit user Rainwater_Enema asked, "Hotel workers, what is something guests do that gets under your skin the most?" a ton of people chimed in on the hot topic.

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    We rounded up the most over-the-top answers to the thread. Check them out below:

    1. "Hotel chef here. When people phone down for food from their rooms one minute before close because they were waiting until the last minute to get food."

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    2. "When I hold my hand out to ask for your ID and credit card at the desk, place them in my hand. Don't throw them on the desk, underneath my open palm."

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    3. "I was a hotel engineer at a big hotel company. Most people are OK, but some guests try to break things to earn points, amenities, or an upgrade."

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    "Once a guest loosened the sink screws and said the sink has fallen on [his] feet just to get an upgrade to a suite. We knew he faked it but could not confront him!"


    4. "I worked at two different hotels, and the amount of guests who don't flush the toilet has always astonished and baffled me."

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    "Do people think that flushing is so arduous that if they're on vacation they're taking a break from it? How is flushing a toilet not a reflex?"


    5. "Poking holes in the bottom of the cans in the minibar. We caught a few of these but only after other guests noticed, so we had no idea which guest did it."

    6. "Working front desk right now, I have no luggage carts because people bring them in their rooms and keep them overnight. Some people keep them for their whole stay over multiple days."

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    7. "Guests complaining about the size of the rooms and how everything is so basic."

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    "You literally booked the cheapest hotel room in the whole city. That's what you get."


    8. "Used to work in a very nice hotel, downtown in a heavy tourist city. If you're staying in a nice hotel in the middle of one of the most traveled entertainment districts in the country, quit getting mad and acting surprised when EVERYTHING costs money."

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    9. "You'd be shocked at the number of female guests who think a flash is as good as cash. Sorry, ladies, but a glimpse of your knockers isn't going to help this bellhop knock out the rent next month."

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    10. "Former housekeeper here. People would spit their chew into soda cans and leave them in the room."

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    "I would grab them and think they were full of old soda, dump it in the sink, and promptly would gag at the horrendous smell. I have a long-standing hatred of people who chew now."


    11. "When they remove their makeup with our facecloths. It's a bitch to remove the stain, and we provide makeup remover too."

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    12. "Guests will call and complain about noise like concerts or construction we have no control over."

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    13. "Bins are provided in bedrooms for a reason. Stop leaving used condoms, lube packets, and discarded toys all over the bed and tables."

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    "I get it, and dirty weekends away are awesome. Just have a little thought for the person who has to clean up the room after."


    14. "I work overnight as a Front Desk Supervisor. Most of the time, the most irritating guests are the ones who have stayed at the hotel previously and get mad that policies change."

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    "It's incredibly frustrating having people who don't understand that policies change, that those changes are not in fact my decision, and that they're done for their own good."


    15. "People who know they can get out of paying for something just by complaining. They keep it up until they're offered something to be removed from their bill."

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    16. "If you want two beds, book two beds. Don't book the extra cheap tiny room and then put in a 'request' for a two bed room at the same price because that's not how that works."

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    17. "Reception worker for an international chain of hotels here. When they break an obvious rule they have been informed about 10 times and then come to the reception to scream at my face."

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    18. "When they lie about smoking in a non-smoking room."

    No smoking sign
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    19. "When guests call asking for exact square footage of the room. You're here for one night — what are you planning to do in there?"

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    20. "I hate when guests treat every minor inconvenience like it's the ONE thing that ruined their vacation."

    21. "Honestly, it's when the locals boast about knowing the owner. You already got a big discount. Stop asking for everything free you think you deserve."

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    22. "Any conversation that starts with a belligerent 'I'm paying for the room.'"

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    "Yes, we know. The concept of the hotel is familiar to us."


    What else would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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