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13 Horror Movies That Were Scary As Hell This Year

As if 2020 wasn't already scary enough.

While 2020 was a scary year in itself, that doesn't mean that horror movies were put on hold. Despite theaters not being open for a good portion of time, many films were available for rent on demand or free for streaming.

If you're in the mood for a good scare or need a pick for your next movie night, we've got you covered with 13 horror movies that are absolutely worth a watch. Check them out below:

1. The Invisible Man

Cecilia Kass from The Invisible Man

2. 1BR

Sarah from 1BR

3. The Grudge

4. The Hunt

Crystal Creasey from The Hunt

5. Gretel & Hansel

Gretel sitting at a table reading from Gretel & Hansel

6. The Lodge

Grace Marshall from The Lodge

7. Fantasy Island

Melanie Cole, Patrick Sullivan and Mr. Roarke from the 2020 remake of Fantasy Island

8. Freaky

Millie Kessler from Freaky

9. The Platform

Two people sitting at a table in The Platform

10. Swallow

Hunter Conrad from Swallow

11. The Rental

Charlie and Mina from The Rental

12. I'm Thinking of Ending Things

Jake sitting at a family dinner in I'm Thinking of Ending Things

13. Host

A group of girls during a video call in Host

What's your favorite horror movie of 2020? Sound off in the comments!

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