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    Henry Cavill's Cutest Instagram Photos In Case You Need Something To Thirst Over Today

    Try not to drool too hard.

    So, we all know and love Henry Cavill.

    Henry Cavill on the red carpet

    Some may recognize him for his role as Clark Kent, aka Superman.

    While others may know him as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher.

    No matter where you've seen the actor before, I think we can all agree that Henry's pretty much the definition of tall, dark, and handsome.

    Henry Cavill on the red carpet

    I've rounded up some of his most swoonworthy Instagram photos of all time. You should also give him a follow @henrycavill while you're scrolling. Take a look:

    1. To start, that time Henry showed off his perfect pearly whites:

    2. Just one of him casually flexing those muscles at the gym:

    3. When he stole the show with this piercing gaze:

    4. I mean, who can really resist a man who can cook a homemade pizza?

    5. When he was deep in thought between reps:

    6. A little behind-the-scenes action where he also happens to be very shirtless:

    7. When he was all smiles as he straddled this sleek Ducati:

    8. This modelworthy snapshot when he was chilling at his trailer:

    9. When he gave us a glimpse at his abs yet again, along with a look at this Witcher-inspired special FX makeup:

    10. The bartender you wish was pouring your ice-cold drink at happy hour:

    11. Just a sweet photo of a man and his four-legged friend:

    12. This cuter-than-words selfie with those baby blues:

    13. That time he showed off his love for the game:

    14. When he was exploring the sights and sounds around the globe:

    15. This rugged look that would instantly make you swoon some more:

    16. When he casually showed off his chiseled physique:

    17. That time he looked more dapper than ever:

    18. This good-looking self-portrait that'll warm you heart on the coldest of days:

    19. Finally, even more washboard abs? Yep, just leaving this one here for you:

    What's your favorite Henry Cavill role to date? Let us know in the comments!