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    23 Jokes That'll Make You Laugh, Then Cry If You've Ever Been Hungover

    I'm never drinking again. Oh, look! Alcohol!

    1. When your weekend hangover follows you into Monday:

    2. When you see what you look like after a long night of partying:

    3. When the squad roasts your drunk alter ego:

    4. When you spend your morning hungover and overthinking everything:

    5. When you miraculously don't end up hungover even though you totally should be:

    6. When drunk you turns out to be more responsible than you thought:

    7. When this happens:

    8. And when you feel like a pile of garbage:

    9. When you crave nothing but greasy food:

    10. When you wake up and your mouth is as dry as the Sahara:

    When you're hungover and water is the difference between life and death

    11. When you discover your phone isn't actually where you thought you left it:

    12. When you're a combination of all three:

    13. When you're still feeling the effects of last night:

    14. When you're feeling hungover but not too hungover for bottomless mimosas at brunch:

    When you're the most hungover person at brunch. #Veep @OfficialJLD

    15. When you see the sun for the first time after a crazy night of bar hopping:

    16. When you feel like death but know bills don't pay themselves:

    17. When you're hungover again even though you swore you'd stop drinking last weekend:

    18. When you think about how amazing life would be if hangovers didn't exist:

    19. When you'd rather disappear than relive all your drunk decisions:

    20. And when you know people are secretly judging you:

    21. When you have no idea what you're doing with your life anymore:

    22. When you convince yourself that your hangover might actually kill you:

    23. And finally, when you uncover the ultimate hangover hack: