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19 Fan Reactions That Prove "Halloween Ends" Has Fans Of The Horror Franchise Divided

Cue the iconic Halloween theme song.

Michael Myers is an absolute staple when it comes to spooky season.

Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney in Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends debuted in theaters and on Peacock this past weekend, chronicling yet another killer face-off between Michael and Laurie.

James Jude Courtney in Halloween Ends

While these two scary movie icons have been battling it out since the 1978 slasher that started it all, it comes as no surprise that they crossed paths once again.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Rohan Campbell in Halloween Ends

While there have been a mixed bag of reactions, fans couldn't resist seeing how this saga would ultimately come to a close. Take a look at what audiences have had to say about Halloween Ends so far:


“And as I faced up against Michael for the 507th time, I couldn’t help but wonder: will I end Halloween, or will Halloween end me?”

Universal Pictures / Twitter: @TomZohar


I can’t lie, I was disrespected… #HalloweenEnds

Twitter: @RealMMyers78


#HALLOWEENENDS . . . Me 15min into Halloween Ends:

Amazon Prime Video / Twitter: @CinemaSauced


laurie strode that one time: #HalloweenEnds

Twitter: @miaabyrnee


Nickelodeon / Twitter: @JoeyGentile1992


Looking back at Halloween Kills immediately after finishing #HalloweenEnds

Marvel Studios / Twitter: @NOthejohnstumpf


This Kyle Richards #RHOBH reference in #HalloweenEnds

Bravo / Universal Pictures /  Twitter: @britneyvinyl


so glad that Halloween Ends is finally engaging with the franchise’s most iconic and beloved character: Corey

Twitter: @capybaroness


if you're in a panic over Halloween Ends getting mixed reviews... just remind yourself that there is nothing in this franchise that will ever be worse than Rob Zombie's Halloween II

Twitter: @screamreboot


introducing a new character, whom adds NOTHING to the plot in any way, into the final chapter of an iconic film series is just absurd. he took up the time which could’ve gone to more iconic characters. even his demise had zero impact???? #HalloweenEnds

Bravo / Twitter: @gvymvndo


I enjoyed HALLOWEEN ENDS. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's--gasp!--surprisingly character driven.

Twitter: @StephenKing


me the entire time halloween ends was playing:

Nickelodeon / Twitter: @mutntgrl


Universal Pictures / Twitter: @reticentrobbie


Fox / ABC / Sony Pictures Releasing /  Twitter: @Kotomoto7791


Twitter: @kaateludes


the biggest plot twist was that bestie survived #halloweenends

Universal Pictures / Twitter: @marcbranx


this was literally my reaction watching halloween ends

Twitter: @basicbarbz


It was at this moment, that game recognized game. #HalloweenEnds

Universal Pictures / Twitter: @TheLostRiverDr1


I love the silent ending for #HalloweenEnds it really showed the trilogy is over, and was a great callback to the original

Universal Pictures / Twitter: @SlasherLaurie

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