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    27 Of The Most Hilarious Fan Reactions To Netflix's "Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey"

    The holiday cheer keeps coming. 🎄

    The holiday season is officially on for Netflix. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Story hit the streaming service on November 13 and has climbed the charts to be in the top 10 most-watched list.

    Netflix / Via

    The holiday musical features a star-studded cast including Forest Whitaker, Phylicia Rashad, Keegan-Michael Key and Anika Noni Rose. Plus, singer John Legend also served as one of the film's producers.

    The festive film has become an instant hit on social media due to the celebration of diversity and inclusion. Plus, the stellar soundtrack and heartwarming story has fans swooning head-over-heels for this new holiday favorite.

    Netflix / Via

    We've rounded up our favorite fan reactions to the movie so far. Take a look below:


    You said holiday movie?! BET!!! #JingleJangle


    Jeronicus: I thought about you everyday *All the letters falling out of the cabinet* Me: #JingleJangle


    my #JingleJangle Christmas journey went from "um wtf" to "am i having a great time?" to "am i CRYING??" to "god bless this gloriously overstuffed new holiday classic"


    The end credits have me in tears. I can't stop crying. This better be a Broadway production in the future. This better come out on DVD @netflix. They better make a Buddy doll. There better be a book version of this movie. Let Me Go download the soundtrack right now #JingleJangle


    My face when the first song started and I realized Jingle Jangle on Netflix is a musical.


    Stop what you’re doing and watch “Jingle Jangle” on @netflix I’m crying in the opening number!


    “a gyroscopic stabilizer” “for your TWIRLY WHIRLY” 😭😭😭😭 move over hallmark christmas. #JingleJangle


    Jingle Jangle truly just ended me I literally sobbed!!! Watch it immediately


    I’m not much one for musicals, but wow, #JingleJangleNetflix is lovely. These folks are SANGING.


    Meanwhile while watching the snowball fight @ForestWhitaker @MadalenMills #JingleJangleNetflix #JingleJangleMovie #JingleJangleAChristmasJourney #jinglejangle


    Me trying to figure out the square root of possible, the second derivative of sensational, and the circumference of spectacular #JingleJangleNetflix


    I’m 2 minutes into #JingleJangleMovie like


    Can we talk about the costume design in #JingleJangleMovie because babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it is everything!!!


    Watching #JingleJangleMovie with Ezzie and my cheeks hurt from smiling and then the trunk had a Wakanda sticker on it! 😄🥰🙌🏾😭


    Ms. Johnston's thirsty ass can sang. #JingleJangle


    Waiiiit. Y'all threw some afrobeats in a Christmas movie? 🇳🇬 This GIF will live rent free in my mind for the whole holiday season. #JingleJangle


    No one: Me, playing that #JingleJangle soundtrack on repeat for the 194629th time:


    Yo the new Netflix Christmas movie #JingleJangle is actually like really fucking good, not just as a Christmas movie but as an actual movie, like this slaps.


    “I am singular. I am spectacular” *adds to affirmations* #JingleJangle


    #JingleJangleNetflix coming with the Christmas bops 5 minutes into the movie tho


    Mrs. Johnston said #JingleJangleNetflix


    Who is ready for a semi-coherent thread over my absolute joy about #JingleJangleNetflix nobody? Cool it's coming Spoiler: I hecking loved it


    Me at 46 watching #JingleJangleNetflix with the wide eyed wonder and enthusiasm of a two year old. Send help!


    Is that afrobeat I hear? #JingleJangleNetflix #JingleJangleMovie


    1 min 36 seconds into #JingleJangleNetflix and I’m already in love! 🥰🥰🥰 It’s so beautiful! I am a total cornball for Christmas, okay!


    Watched this scene more than 7 times ... #JingleJangleNetflix


    This movie was AMAZING. Got me clapping hard as hell... Imma watch this again tomorrow...#JingleJangle

    Have you watched Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!