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    18 Flight Attendants Are Getting Brutally Honest About The Most Negative Aspects Of Their Job

    Because we can't fly without them.

    Every job comes with its own unique set of quirks, both good and bad.

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    When Reddit user u/Th3Flash asked, "Flight attendants, what are the negative aspects of your job?" a ton of people chimed in.

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    We've rounded up the most memorable responses to keep in mind before you fly the friendly skies next. Check them out below:

    1. To start, the lack of a consistent schedule:

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    "The lack of stability in my schedule is a huge thing that people don’t really know about. I find out where I’m going for the month on the 21st of the month before. Unless I have my booked leave there, I have no idea what my days off will be."


    2. Feeling lonely more often than not:

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    "Depending on the type of person you are, the loneliness. It has never particularly bothered me. I’ve always enjoyed the solace, and I don’t mind going around the city on my own, but right now for the first time in years, it’s getting to me. It’s worse when you get to the hotel room at the end of the day and you’re alone, thousands of miles away from any friends or family."


    3. Somehow powering through those crazy long hours:

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    "The negative aspect of my job has to be the long hours and sometimes very early showtimes. A lot of my friends think the job is glamorous and a vacation all the time, but you don’t really wake up at 3 a.m. every day when you go on vacation."


    4. Experiencing not-so-friendly passenger behavior:

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    "The amount of times someone has poked me in the waist, back of the head, and ass in order to ask me to take their trash or some other stupid shit is TOO DAMN HIGH! It is always interesting to me when people get offended because I will turn around and put my finger in their face saying, "Don't touch me. Ever.'"


    5. The challenge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

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    "Hardest parts of the job are to try and remain healthy. You almost basically lose all sense of balance and routine. At least as a junior flight attendant. Your sleep cycle is all over the place. Diet is hotel and airport food. And exercise is possible, but often difficult with poor sleep and diet."


    6. When the call button is pushed over and over again:

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    "If you press the call light button to order something, make sure you order everything you want at once. We don't want to be pacing back and forth through an entire aircraft 20 times."


    7. The unknown that comes with being on call:

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    "Being on reserve is the hardest part of the job. It’s basically on call, sitting around not knowing where you’re going to go or when. Being a commuter, I’m sitting in a hotel waiting for crew scheduling to call me with something, but there’s a chance I’ll have wasted my time and money by staying at a base and getting a hotel and end up not flying at all."


    8. Any time passengers take frustrations out on you:

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    "Your flight today could be my fifth, and I've been on the clock for 12 hours, and I want nothing else than to get home or to my layover. Please don't take out your traveling frustrations on me or my coworkers. It's not my fault that TSA sucks, there's weather in the Northeast, or that there's a broken part of the plane. We're just along for the ride too."


    9. The radiation exposure:

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    "Radiation from flying is real for both flight attendants and pilots. The potential to develop skin cancer is very real for us, so I hope to not fly as much when I become more senior to reduce the possibility of radiation exposure."


    10. The skincare woes that come with frequent travel:

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    "Your skin gets extremely dry from being in the plane so much and using water from different parts of the world regularly."


    11. The amount of time spent in hotels and airports:

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    "I hated being alone so much. I didn't realize how much time I’d spend alone in hotels, or in airports."


    12. Being regularly separated from your significant other:

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    "It's also pretty tough being away from home so often if you have anyone at home you want to see. Leaving my husband and dog alone all the time is tough for both me and him."


    13. The cons that sometimes happen during the crew rest period:

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    "Duty days can stretch up to 18 hours, and while there are crew rest periods, there is no rule governing them. They can be too short, rocked by turbulence, and depending on the aircraft, taken in the passenger cabin with only a thin curtain separating you from a long, loud, fart-filled line of people waiting for the lavatory."


    14. When passengers end up breaking things on the plane:

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    "One of the negative aspects of the job is when people yank off the ashtray thinking it's a door handle and then ask, 'Why do you even have those still?' It's an FAA requirement. Ashtrays need to be on every plane in case someone decides to fuck the rules and light up."


    15. Not having the chance to get some R&R despite being at home:

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    "My wife was a flight attendant. The worst part was always being on call, so she could never truly relax when she was home. Sometimes she would get a call at 4 a.m. to be at the airport in two hours. We live an hour away so she would have to get ready ASAP. She would get sick all the time from being around traveling homebodies, and have to deal with people who thought they deserved special treatment and angry people that had a delayed/missed flight when they have no control over those things."


    16. When passengers don't have common courtesy:

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    "It means A LOT to us if a passenger actually says hello back to us and smiles. We'll remember your face. Believe me, because we got 150+ people who usually ignore us."


    17. Missing out on numerous family events:

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    "It’s a fun job for a few years, but I wouldn’t recommend it long term, as most places pay terrible (except Southwest), and you miss out on a lot of family life events if those kind of things matter to you."


    18. Finally, knowing the fact that they're not paid the entire time even though they're technically working:

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    "My wife is a former flight attendant. If you knew how little money they made, you'd rethink how you treated flight attendants and if you'd like to do that as a career. The hourly wage may seem nice, but they only get paid when the boarding door is closed. Otherwise, sitting at the airport waiting for a delayed flight, riding a shuttle to the hotel, or riding back for the next flight doesn't pay the hourly rate. When you add up all the time you're essentially away from home or not in a hotel room, the hourly wage drops to below minimum wage."


    What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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