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    If You Haven't Watched "False Positive" Yet, These Reviews Say It All

    Cue the confusion.

    If you're looking for the latest WTF movie, False Positive might be right up your alley.

    It recently dropped on Hulu and stars Ilana Glazer, Sophia Bush, Pierce Brosnan, and Justin Theroux.

    Justin Theroux and Ilana Glazer in Hulu's False Positive

    Horror fans have had a mixed bag of feelings from confusion to shock and instantly compared the horror flick to Rosemary's Baby.

    Justin Theroux and Ilana Glazer in Hulu's False Positive

    We've rounded up some of the craziest fan reactions to False Positive so far (in case you haven't had a chance to watch it yet). Check them out below:


    had the tiniest tiniest bit of baby fever from seeing all these weddings and stuff but then i watched false positive on hulu and now i’m good again lol

    Twitter: @_maegant


    My face throughout the entirety of False Positive on Hulu

    Twitter: @pallidspectrum


    Just watched #FalsePositive on Hulu... I need a moment.

    Twitter: @theKMHW


    #FalsePositive on Hulu… ummm…ok… great gowns, beautiful gowns

    Twitter: @CAKEheaux


    Ultimately “false positive” is a period piece about life in new york in the months leading up to dig inn rebranding as simply “dig”

    Twitter: @nwalks


    I just watched False Positive on Hulu and this was pretty much my face the whole time. WTF did I watch?

    Twitter: @chickalea


    Holy shit, just watched False Positive. Im so confused

    Twitter: @snooki


    Twitter: @KruellaDeVil_


    I’m left more confused at the end than the beginning. Still disturbed though. #FalsePositive

    Twitter: @pharmgirlmagic_


    What in the hell did I just watch. #FalsePositiveHulu

    Twitter: @shaysportal1


    False positive was ... Um interesting #FalsePositiveHulu

    Bravo / Twitter: @Lexiiee_x


    This False Positive movie on Hulu is weird af.

    Twitter: @__kahlilah


    Just finished watching False positive on Hulu and wtf did I just watch….

    Twitter: @sweet_kiss0113


    Saw #FalsePositive on Hulu. Somewhat freaky and left me conflicted

    Twitter: @1luli


    Finished #falsepositive. I was right. The scenes leading to the ending & the last scene were just heartbreaking. After the movie ended, I listened to Who Am I & thought of what I just saw & just cried. 😭

    Twitter: @lynzeealh


    My face the whole time #FalsePositiveHulu

    Twitter: @laneydubose

    What did you think of False Positive? Let us know in the comments!