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    19 Interesting Facts That Every Bindi Irwin Fan Should Know About Her Life

    Go wild for this animal lover.

    1. To start, Bindi Irwin is the only daughter of the late wildlife conservationist and The Crocodile Hunter icon, Steve Irwin.

    Bindi Irwin at the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in 2019
    Bradley Kanaris / Getty Images

    2. Bindi's dad actually named her after one of his favorite crocodiles. It can also be translated as "young girl" in some Indigenous Australian dialects.

    3. While she was only 8 when her dad passed away, she wrote and delivered a moving eulogy in front of 5,000 fans and 300 million TV viewers worldwide.

    4. Bindi has kept her dad's memory alive with sweet works of art like these:

    5. Just like her parents, Bindi is a huge animal lover.

    6. Growing up, Bindi often spent time at the Australia Zoo and was homeschooled by her parents.

    7. She appeared on The Crocodile Hunter as a kid and eventually got her very own spin-off show in 2005 called Bindi: The Jungle Girl.

    8. Bindi is currently starring alongside her family in Crikey! It's the Irwins with three seasons on the air so far.

    The Irwin family promoting Crikey! It's the Irwins
    Monica Schipper / Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

    9. She keeps her dad's legacy alive by carrying on his work at the Australia Zoo to this day.

    10. She donates 10% of what she earns to her family's charity, Wildlife Warriors.

    Bindi Irwin on the red carpet
    John Wolfsohn / Getty Images

    11. She's had roles in a few TV and movie productions including Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove, My Babysitter's a Vampire and Return to Nim's Island.

    Bindi Irwin attending the Critics' Choice Real TV Awards
    Jc Olivera / WireImage

    12. In 2010, she launched a book series called Bindi Wildlife Adventures featuring an array of wildlife.

    The Irwin family at an event together
    Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

    13. Outside of her animal adventures, Bindi is talented on her feet and won Dancing with the Stars in 2015. Not to mention, she was only 17 at the time.

    Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars
    Adam Taylor / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

    14. Before her successful stint on DWTS, she had never worn high heels before.

    Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars
    Adam Taylor / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

    15. She's a doggo lover and has a four-legged friend named Piggy at home.

    16. Bindi met her husband Chandler while he was visiting the Australia Zoo in 2013. Cue the waterworks because her parents met the same exact way.

    17. The two soon got engaged in July 2019 and got hitched soon after in March 2020.

    18. Just one year later, Bindi officially became a mom and welcomed her daughter Grace Warrior Irwin Powell into the world.

    19. Finally, Bindi advocates for mental health and spoke out about it recently when she decided to take a break from social media in June 2021. "Mental health deserves more understanding and support instead of being dismissed or patronised. You are absolutely worthy of love and kindness," she said.

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