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19 Hilariously Accurate Fan Reactions To The New Netflix Film "Don't Look Up"

This is a Netflix film you do want to look up.

Adam McKay's new satire, Don't Look Up, recently debuted on Netflix, and it's already rose to the top of the most-watched list on the streaming platform.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence in Don't Look Up

The movie has a completely stacked cast of award-winning actors, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep to name a few.

Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothée Chalamet in Don't Look Up

The story tackles the topic of climate change when two Michigan State astronomers make the startling discovery of a planet-killing comet set to hit Earth in just over six months.

With so much to unpack in the film's 2 hour and 25 minute duration, fans couldn't help but find some laughter along the way. From J. Law's memorable one-liners to all the colorful characters we meet onscreen, Don't Look Up is certainly worth the watch if you're looking for something new on Netflix.

Take a look at the funniest tweets about the film so far:


Twitter: @netflxdiaries


this is what 6 oscars and 35 nominations in one single shot looks like #DontLookUp

Netflix / Twitter: @Iilithritter


Jennifer Lawrence’s character in “don’t look up” dwelling on being charged for free snacks while waiting on the world to end is too damn relatable.

Twitter: @ultimategeo45


She was so real for this #DontLookUp

Netflix / Twitter: @goforbIood


don’t look up is so realistic because i would also go to an ariana grande concert while the world is ending



Leonardo Dicaprio en "Don't Look Up".

CBS / Twitter: @kalycho


timothee chalamet in dont look up looks like the guy you make eye contact with in the dunkin parking lot who you spend the rest of the day thinking about but you don’t know why and you feel a little weird about it

Twitter: @urbobitch


Don Jr. watching Jonah Hill at the end of #DontLookUp like

Sony Pictures / Twitter: @jacksontsimpson


The real lesson from Don't Look Up is that people should listen to graduate students from Michigan State University more

Twitter: @thebirdmaniac


Netflix / Twitter: @JenniferUpdates


Everyone who works at a public university in the U.S. knows that the struggle is real. #DontLookUp

Netflix / Twitter: @_david_ho_


Leonardo DiCaprio having an age appropiate wife and grown ass kids in don't look up is more funnier than the jokes

Twitter: @cinephilejen


The only people I see dragging #DontLookUp are the folks who the movie is 100% about

Sony Pictures / Twitter: @LZatYT


it’s called Don’t Look Up bc they don’t want you to see everyone's terrible haircuts :/

Netflix / Twitter: @LesleyHennen


although #DontLookUp is heavily satirical, i feel like if the world were actually ending, this is exactly how it would go, and that is both hilarious and terrifying

Twitter: @hopegabrielleee


Don't Look Up is made for those of us who love doomscrolling as much as we love doomsday. Also, Jennifer Lawrence kisses a Twitch streamer. 8/10, wish it was me.

Twitter: @renee


7 oscars and 41 nominations in one room #dontlookup

Netflix / Twitter: @dragonsbIood


Meryl streep and jonah hill in dont look up

DreamWorks Pictures / Twitter: @gryffintea2


“Don’t Look Up” (2021) Diretor: Adam McKay

VH1 / Twitter: @untuck3d_

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