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These DIY Haunted Dollhouses Are Perfect For Halloween

Just in time for Halloween.

If you were more of a Wednesday Addams fan over Barbie growing up, these DIY haunted dollhouses will speak to your spooky soul.

Samantha Browning took social media by storm when she shared the transformation of a once classic pink dollhouse into a haunted mansion fit for Halloween. She had been inspired by a TikTok where a woman had spray painted a wooden version black, which eventually led her to picking up a number of plastic dollhouses at thrift shops and online via the Facebook Marketplace.

Samantha Browning / Via Facebook: littlehobbitsamm

The new design makes the original completely unrecognizable.

Browning typically works on these DIY projects anywhere from five to 10 hours based on the level of detail each requires. She has an impeccable eye by adding intricate hand-painted accents inside and out of every house she crafts.

Samantha Browning / Via Facebook: littlehobbitsamm

From the color-changing autumn leaves to the sleek kitchen interiors, Browning hasn't missed a beat in her devilishly cute creations.

"The more houses I get, the more I try to change those items to make the piece completely different and grow from where I started,” she said.

These dark side dollhouses come just in time for Halloween and Browning plans to put her hard work on display this coming weekend.

Samantha Browning / Via Facebook: littlehobbitsamm

“This year, with the pandemic and Halloween being ‘canceled,’ I may try to make one of those banister pipes to slide candy down for families that still want to participate in a safe way,” the artist revealed. “I have one of the dollhouses displayed on an interior porch, but the night of [Halloween], I will probably bring the two spookiest houses outside with battery operated candles.”

What do you think of these creepy cool creations? Let us know in the comments!