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    Disney Got Rid Of FastPass For Good And Replaced It With A Paid Service, And Fans Have Some Serious Feelings About It

    Free FastPasses are no more.

    Remember when you could just walk up and get a printed FastPass for the Disney attraction of your choosing? Those were the days.

    That time is officially coming to an end, and a new era will begin with the announcement of the Disney Genie program. It'll debut at Disneyland and Walt Disney World this fall.

    Discover Disney Genie service, a great new offering designed to make planning your best Disney day at @WaltDisneyWorld Resort or @Disneyland Resort that much easier. It’s all coming this fall.

    Twitter: @DisneyParks

    If you want to skip the line, it'll now come with a cost. Guests will be able to access the Lightning Lane if they opt in for Genie+. The new service will be $15/day at WDW and $20/day at Disneyland.

    The end of Main Street in Disneyland

    Disney fans swarmed social media with a mix of reactions to the announcement. We've rounded up some of the most memorable ones so far. Check them out below:


    Twitter: @WhoIsAndrewJ


    When Disney thinks I’m gonna stop calling it “Fast Pass” and call it “Lightning Lane” 🥴

    Disney / Twitter: @PatrickADougall


    “Sorry, Timmy, I know your favorite movie is Cars but it’s either wait 2 hrs or pay $40 dollars” #GeniePlus #Disneyland

    Twitter: @Internet_Bruja


    I have ALOT to say about genie plus and none of it is good

    Twitter: @BelievinCami


    OK so it’s not a return to the fabulous free FastPass of old but I think the Disney Genie stuff is pretty great? It removes the vile pressure of pre-booking everything weeks beforehand and signals a return to more spontaneous days out at the parks, which I welcome with open arms!

    Twitter: @cupcake_coaster


    My vacation plans // the fastpass variant

    Disney / Twitter: @matt_tbr


    Disney taking away fastpass at Disneyland

    Marvel / Twitter: @blurayangel


    Need me that Disney Genie plus like right now, right now

    Twitter: @VM_2187


    Real talk: i like the genie thing, MaxPass was GREAT at Disneyland. to have it on both coasts and level the playing field will be great. this could have been so much worse. just hope the UI will be decent.

    Twitter: @DCAoutloud


    “Genie, you’re free…” Oh wait, the new Disney Genie Plus costs 💰 💰💰 Never mind. #DisneyPlus

    Twitter: @chafingarmor


    Disney Parks board announcing the Genie pass

    Universal Pictures / Twitter: @JedaiiXander


    I'm not calling it a lightning lane, I'm calling it a Kachow Path

    Twitter: @EpcotServo


    NBC / Twitter: @Cartarsauce


    I will reserve judgement on this lightning lane/ genie plus stuff until it is actually implemented in the park. However; my first impression is; I don't like it and would just prefer fastpass+ or the old paper fastpass again.

    Twitter: @obiknoke


    Lightning Lane, though? What is this? Six Flags?

    Twitter: @iamcg83


    Twitter: @tasgvlogs


    Disney / Twitter: @Stingray_travel


    I really liked having no fastpass at all 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Twitter: @paradeofdreams


    Me, a single rider, watching people freak out about having to pay for Fastpass now.

    Disney+ / Twitter: @phantazmick01

    Will you try Disney Genie when it rolls out later this year? Let us know in the comments below, and follow the creators above to make your timeline a more fun place!