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    17 Tweets That Sum Up What It's Like Watching Amazon Prime Video's New Dating Show "Cosmic Love"

    Some people will really do anything for love.

    Is love truly written in the stars?

    Noel Allen, Phoebe Davis, Connor Shennan and Maria Rodriguez in Cosmic Love!

    Amazon Prime Video is testing that theory in a new reality series called Cosmic Love.

    Theresa Vongkhamchanh and Noel Allen in Cosmic Love!

    Potential matches are being paired based solely on their astrological birth charts, so either it will be a hot mess or totally great. Either way, audiences are intrigued and have been bingeing their way through the series.

    Conner Shennan and Yana Orlova in Cosmic Love

    I've rounded up what fans have had to say about Cosmic Love so far. Take a look:


    Cosmic voice be like “Noel, choose a perfect match based on the personality and not what you normally go for” and he is like “naahhh I like her butt” 😂 #CosmicLove

    Twitter: @willdoyesterday


    Cosmic Love, a show that connects people based on their astrological birth charts. BRB bingeing.

    Twitter: @amandaparentt


    Just started watching Cosmic Love, a show where they match singles according to their zodiac…and these people are impossibly hot

    Twitter: @ElleWCarter


    It’s a show on Amazon Prime called #CosmicLove where they date based on zodiac signs. Let me watch this mess. 🌝

    Twitter: @MoniNextDoor


    #cosmiclove being filmed during a mercury retrograde is hilarious because it’s really beating everybody ass

    Twitter: @ayshhbmarie


    The played phoebe with these matches. I would want a refund 😂 #CosmicLove

    Twitter: @cocobabyy


    Cosmic Love is the reality dating TV show no one wanted and never needed. But it's still a fun watch.

    Twitter: @amberying


    I knew Caleb wasn’t shit when every time Phoebe tried to have convos he’d be smiling like an idiot. Ain’t nothing in his head but fuck boy thoughts #CosmicLove

    Twitter: @ShaydeTrade


    not a single aries on that cosmic love show💀💀

    Twitter: @goldonmars


    Out of all of the reality tv shows I watch this one might just be the one for me👀 #CosmicLove #perfectmatch

    Twitter: @InMyQueen_Dom


    Anyone else watching #CosmicLove on Amazon?! | cause as soon as I saw the premise I was like YES! Lol

    Twitter: @CurlyAfroQueen


    No reunion episode for #CosmicLove ? Please, I need to know how my married friends are all doing. Yes, they’re all my friends in my head now😭

    Twitter: @Nish_i_is


    This cosmic love show on prime is matching people based off of their whole birth chart… never thought I would see it on TV lol

    Twitter: @Erikaaaaaaa__


    Basically Phoebe got stuck with shit choices, I feel bad #CosmicLove

    Twitter: @Howlzzz


    "Cosmic Love" on Amazon Prime (astrology-driven dating reality show) is everything I've ever wanted lol

    Twitter: @trishpham_


    Darren leaving the show for Theresa when he was supposed to be on the show for Phoebe!! Lmaooo I hate that he did my girl like that #CosmicLove

    Twitter: @jalaynaen


    alright alright alright imma need Amazon prime to give us the reunion to #CosmicLove

    Twitter: @suzzzaroo

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